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Friday, August 27, 2010

Dream Meaning: Laughter

Dreaming of laughter, that you are laughing or someone is laughing around you or at you can mean that you need to let go of resentments and worry. 

You could be in a situation where you are under a lot of pressure and stress and perhaps the dream is telling you to lighten up and don’t take your self so seriously.
Remember “Don’t sweat the small stuff”! 
Laughing can also be a release of anxiety and your subconscious mind trying to heal you. We all know that stress can lead to illness so in your mind body connection its fight of flight system could be kicking in and saying “wake up and laugh it off” in order to prevent serious illness from setting in.
If being laughed at this can be a sign that you do not feel at ease in a given situation or that you fear not fitting in. This can come up if you are about to enter a new job, meet new people, or be in a social situation that is not of the norm for you such as a wedding or funeral etc.
If you hear evil laughter then that is a sign you feel someone is working against you or that you are being paranoid. 
Now on the other hand ... laughter in your dream can also mean success is in your path and that you are going to be in cheerful social situations! 
The thing is you have control in your waking life and it is your subconscious trying to wake you up and warn you to allow for the positive to flow out of your energy and not to be so captivated by your fears! Whatever situation, whatever social arrangement, try looking at it from a more positive perspective and things will be fine! You can have success you can be a social whizz you just need to stop with the fear and worry that is holding you back.
You can be a part of the laughter and joy laughing with others or you can feel paranoid and awkward and worry you will be laughed at.



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