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Friday, August 13, 2010

Dream Meaning: Flying

This is a continued article topic on Dream Meanings. Be sure to look back for all the dream meaning articles! 
To dream that you are flying and in control of your flight indicates a new found freedom or ability for self expression you had been holding back. This can signify that you have overcome some major obstacle in your life or about about to soon overcome blocks in your path. 
Flying in dreams shows us that we will feel a sense of enlightenment or a light will be shed on a situation that has eluded or bewildered us for some time. 
Usually when you have a dream of flying it is as if a bolder has been removed from your path and you can now emerge with full confidence and a sense of control. What once seem elusive to you or impossible is now within your reach and you will be headed toward great success! 
Being able to fly in your dream may make you feel jubilant and overwhelmed with pleasure. You may feel as if you have been freed from a cell or you may feel an amazing sense of awakening or empowerment. 
If you are in control of your flight path and able to decide where you go next then this is a strong indication that you are on the right track in your life, but if you find that you have no control then you may need to reassess your circumstances! 
If you are blocked by power lines, other “aircraft”, birds and the like then it is possible that you have the ability for a clear path but need to take care of some underlying circumstances before you can have that clarity! There may be too many cooks in the kitchen in the situation you are trying to reach success in. Someone or something is blocking your clear view! Having confidence that you are capable of flying this “machine” on your own is important and not second guessing yourself or asking too many people for their opinions! The blockage very well may be your own hesitations and fears! 
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