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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dream Meaning: Fire

Fire as a rule is a sign of transformation or change. Much like the death card in tarot it does not always mean ruin, death, destruction etc. It can be a positive sign to see fire. 
However there are always things to consider both in your waking life and in the dream itself which will give clues to how to interpret the meaning of the fire.
As I state in all my dream meaning articles - journal journal journal - this is the only way to really figure out the patterns of your dreams as even if you do not regularly dream of fire, or water, or crying etc and so on - patterns WILL emerge! 
Now as for dreaming of fire. If you think of fire you may normally think of a house on fire, or a bonfire, or a candle flame etc. Fire is all about renewal though. When a farmer burns off a field it is to clear the way for new crops next season. So think of fire as a way to clear the muck out of your life to make way for new. Now in the context of your dream perhaps it is saying you NEED to clear the much or you have cleared the muck. That really depends on what else is going on in the dream itself and in your waking life. 
Perhaps it is time for a transformation or you have been preparing for one such as a change of job, a new home, a new man or woman in your life. 
Now if you dream of being burned by fire it could show that there are tempers about to flare up or your own attitude needs checked. You may be holding back anger or frustration and this is a sign you are about to blow your cool! 
Dreaming of fire can also indicate passions building within you.
If you dream your home is on fire it may be a sign you are not quite ready for transformation or change so take that as a que to get working on your own stability. 
If you dream of a fireplace this is most often about desire, passion, and love.
Fire sure can mean a lot of different things on both ends of the spectrum but as always looking at the whole dream and not just one keyword as well as what is going on in your daily life is key.



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