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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dream Meaning: Falling

To dream that you are falling can represent fears and insecurities. It can mean you are losing control over a situation. It can represent repressed anxiety as well. Falling and having fear of the fall in your dream is showing something in your life needs careful attention paid to it. Perhaps you are fearful of a job interview or a confrontation with a friend or loved one. 
Often times when we are falling in a dream our bodies will jerk us awake - this is your conscious mind brining you out of dream state due to the fear on the subconscious level.
Your dream may also reveal exactly what you are afraid of so as soon as you wake make note of other things that occurred in your dream before the fall.
When you fall in a dream and are not afraid this means that the troubles in your life will soon be resolved. Perhaps on their own or perhaps due to facing your fears! 
If you have reoccurring dreams of falling and are fearful in your dream state you need to find some outside support so that you can work through your waking life situations. 
Dreams of falling also can happen if you recently failed at something you wanted to accomplish. 
As always keeping a dream journal can reveal patterns in your dreams and in time you can pull together a good outline of why you are having the dreams you are! 

Remember keywords are only a starting point to true dream interpretations. Falling in a dream can mean many other things when you look at the whole picture.
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