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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dream Meaning: Death

Dreaming of death is much like the death card in tarot and does not literally mean you are going to die or someone you love is about to pass. Death can and more often than not means change or transition, especially one of a spiritual nature. 
To see death in a dream often will show you what is happening to create a need for transition, what is helping or hindering this change or growth in your path.
If you are fighting others and in battle and killing or being killed this could be representative of your blocks, your fears, and others who would like to see you fail. It can also be an indication of paranoia or displaced energy! 
Your ego / your ID is in an evolution and you are facing the fears of maintaining your identity along with making changes to it. You may feel threatened because someone or something is causing you to need to change rather than it being a chosen adaptation. 
When related to work you may see your boss as your attacker and you are trying to defeat or challenge the authority of change.
Sometimes we see our parents passing away and immediately fear that they are going to pass when actually dreaming of our parents passing (when they have not already done so) only represents that your relationship with them is evolving and changing which is not always a bad thing! 
Overall dreaming of death is really about ones own inner transformations in adaptation to their daily waking life’s need for change and transition. 
Often we will have dreams of death or dying when trying to stop an addictive behavior such as smoking or drinking or even gaming! 
Death in dreams can also represent an end to something such as an end to a relationship. Don’t panic - it is just one of many ways to interpret seeing death in your dreams! 
Remember to journal all your dreams to find patterns! Looking up dream keywords is a good start but is not going to give you the overall aspect of what your dreams mean! 


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