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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dream Meaning: Crying

To determine the meaning of crying in your dream it is important to have some extenuating circumstances surrounding the situation. There are a lot of possible meanings to crying in a dream therefore looking at other aspects does help. This is true for most any dream keyword but even more so with crying. 

In some countries to cry in a dream means good look and that a reunion with a loved one will soon occur. 

Crying in a dream can represent repressed emotions that are about to boil over. When this is the case one really needs to deal with these emotional traumas and difficulties in their waking life immediately otherwise an outpour is going to happen and it may not be at the best of times. 

In our waking state we can hold back emotions and fears but while sleeping our guard is down and we are open to being forced to face these issues. However once you begin to dream of crying things are usually too far out of hand to hold back in your waking life much longer. 

If you dream of someone else crying this could mean that it is easier for you to identify with sadness by seeing it through someone else or it could mean that your shoulder will soon be needed for a friend to cry on.

If you are crying and no one is there for you or you attempt to be noticed but nothing happens then this tells us that you feel you have no one to turn to, no one who would understand and no one who is helpful. This is time to get a professional involved because you need someone you can open up to who will understand and empathize. 

As with all dream meaning posts here on my blog, these are only keyword meanings, this does not take place of a full and professional dream interpretation. 
Keeping a dream journal will help you focus on patterns in your dreams and help you begin to remember your dreams in more detail.



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