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Friday, August 13, 2010

Dream Meaning: Crash

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There are many kind of crashes from planes, trains and automobiles but all crashes have to do with self awareness and belief in oneself! 
In the case of an airplane crash - consider that airplanes fly - high up in the sky so this represents ambition and goals, reaching far above our norm. When you dream that a plane crashes it represents fear of failure, fear of unknown, fear of crashing and burning. You may need to consider what it is you are afraid of and do some positive affirmations and learn to trust your instincts! 
Another possibility is that something in your life is not fully in your control yet your success depends on it! Check those around you and make sure you are in bed with trust worthy people! Obviously you are not a pilot well unless you are - but in the dream unless you are the one flying the plane this represents fear of putting your faith in others!  

Another meaning of a plane crashing is that you have set too high of expectations for yourself and you fear you may fail. This commonly represents when your aspirations would disappoint others in your life. 
If you dream of a car crash the first thing you should ask yourself is how your driving has been lately! Then if that is in check be sure you are careful when riding with others as at times a dream can be literal and this is one very easy symbolism to do a quick self check on! However most of the time it is not a forewarning - it is representative of your beliefs and opinions! Usually when someone has a dream of this nature it reflects on their daily life and a clash in feelings, thoughts or emotions with another person in their life.  
Train crash dreams can mean you need a change of pace of lifestyle. You are becoming bored with your current path and want to shake things up a bit. Trains represent conformity and going in one set direction with no veering off path. You may need to jazz your life up a bit, start a new path for yourself, take a course, join a club, travel or even something as major as start a new job! When you dream of a train crash it means you are clashing with your own set routine and need to step out of the box! 
As always a dream journal can help you remember your dreams and help you discover patterns in your dreams. Remember no keyword alone is going to give you a full dream interpretation but this is a good start! 


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