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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Controlling Your Dreams

Did you know you can train yourself to dream of whatever you wish?
Did you know that you can learn to control your dreams to manifest things like weight loss, hair growth, and physical things like this?
Did you know that if you focus carefully on what it is you wish to dream about while laying still, relaxing and breathing naturally that you can have the most restful night sleep you have had in a very long time?
Its quite simple really. The reason more people do not practice this to a successful level is lack of patience and perseverance! 
We tend to give up too easily when things do not come easily or naturally to us however it really only takes about two weeks time to establish a new routine in ones life. If you are diligent and patient and can commit to two solid weeks of practice you can be in total control of your dreams! 
If you are sincerely interested in learning to control your dreams, to manifest within dream stage and bring change into your daily life then feel free to send me an email.
I offer one on one training sessions or group sessions.
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