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Friday, August 6, 2010

The Chicken or The Egg?

I have recently been working on some concentration rituals with Mandi of Mandi Leigh’s Wiccan Boutique for her Bamboo Wands she has in her shop.

I have also written articles on how to concencrate magical items here on the blog.
It dawned on me that I have never told anyone how to concencrate their very first concentration candle! 
I mean think about it - if every item used in magic is to be concencrated and the candle is the main tool in concentration - then how would one obtain a concencrated candle?
Well of course you can buy one that has been concencrated by another and I always prefer we concentrate our own items when possible. This really comes down to a which came first - the chicken or the egg scenario! 
So I figured I had better let you all in on how one would concencrate a candle so we can then concencrate all other magical items! 
Now providing you have never concencrated anything before and you need to get started. You have begun to build up your magical arsenal and are collecting your items but as you go along you want to be sure they are infused with your energy - therefore you need to begin to concencrate them! 
Just to review to concencrate an item is basically to infuse the item with your energy and your intent. To dedicate it to you and your works. 
The process for concentration of magical items always involves passing the item through the flame of a candle in order to infuse the magical element of fire into it. Without a concencrated candle to work with we must make one - then that candle becomes our “base candle”. This is a large candle - white for purity or black for protection. Then when this candle gets down to its last legs we would want to concencrate a new large candle to take its place.
This is the method for concentrating your very first magical candle:
  1. Hold the candle and while doing so say a prayer or meditate. It is perfect to play music, burn incense, whatever gets you into a relaxed and focused mode.
  2. Then engrave your initials into the base of the candle or on the bottom of it.
  3. Burn this candle each day for 13 minutes, beginning with the first day of the waxing moon.
  4. During that 13 minutes focus on your goals in your spiritual journey, your plans, your desires, your intents. Stay positive in your thoughts. Consider your familiars, guides, tarot cards, any and all magical and spiritual gifts or skills you wish to develop or already have developed. Think of your spiritual path and what has brought you to this place and time. You may meditate, pray or even sing. Whatever you want to do to infuse your own energy into this candle. Be sure you look intently at your candle and even if you wish you can tell your candle what you wish for it to assist you with. 
  5. After 13 minutes, snuff your candle out with a candle snuffer or moistened finger tips, never blow out your candle. 
After the waxing moon your candle is ready to begin being use to concencrate all other items.
Yes, you can buy a candle that is already concencrated but as I have said in other articles it is always best your magical items are only infused with your own energy. 


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