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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Can Movies Help you Discover a Past Life?

Do you find yourself drawn to certain movies? Certain genres? Specific settings or locations in movies?
If so you could be un-tapping a past life experience! 
Do you frequently find yourself soothed or relaxed when watching movies that take place in an Island location even if there is a lot of turmoil in the action of the movie itself? Maybe movies set in Mexico even though you have never been there? Perhaps you enjoy fantasy movies set back in the Renaissance. 
Its not just about the enjoyment though. At times it can be the things that disturb us that are a key to a past life experience! 
Do you feel unsettled by any certain subject matter in movies? Do specific locations make you feel uneasy or even a bit queasy? Do you have a total dislike for a specific place or timeframe? This too can be due to a past life! 
Now obviously there will always be certain subject matter most people will find repulsive or offensive or on the other hand delightful, but if you are extraordinarily repulsed or overjoyed by specific subject matter, locations or situations this very well could be due to a past life experience! 
Now discovering if in fact your emotions are due to a past life experience can be the hard part. Especially if you avoid movies that make you feel disturbed. And often times we simply have a real deep passion for a certain type of genre of film just because we do. 
The best way to figure out if in fact a past life is in play is to pay attention not only to the movie but your own emotions! Now of course we want to ENJOY the film we are watching so feel free to do just that the first time through but then watch it again, preferably on your own and journal through the movie! 
Note specific things that create emotional impulses in you. Log what exactly it is you love or detest. What pulls at your heart strings or makes you cringe. Then of course note the name and genre of the movie for later reference. The last thing you should log is your own mental state at the time of watching the movie. It is VERY important you are completely honest with yourself here! If you were upset before watching an emotional movie you will obviously be even more upset afterward! If you are planning a trip to the rainforest and watch a movie set in Costa Rica then of course you are going to be more excited about the movie no matter what the subject matter. 
Once you have a good log book going you will be able to see repeating patterns - it may take a while especially if you have a lot of turmoil going on or even something joyful such as a new baby, a pregnancy, an engagement etc.
Anything that would bring added joy or pain into your life will color your emotions and mood swings will happen so the more relaxed and stable you are when doing your journal the sooner your patterns will emerge. 
What you want to look for are clear and concise patterns, similarities in emotions from day to day, week to week, month to month, until finally a very vivid picture emerges. Paying heed to your changing emotions you will need a keen eye to balance out when you were honestly feeling effects of a time period, a situation, a theme. 
This project is especially fun to do with a good friend because not only can you make it a movie night together you can then go and watch again alone and after journaling you can go over each others notes and help one another see patterns you may miss on your own. You may be surprised on what you or even others can pick up - you may think you are totally enamored with westerns when actually the emerging pattern is Roman Civilization. 
Now one way I see you could get stuck and find no patters whatsoever would be in the case of watching the same genre of movie over and over again, especially if it is a very specific genre. Watching nothing but ninja movies even with changes in location could end up keeping you stuck believing you once were a ninja so try mixing it up and stepping out of your own comfort zone now and then as we are not out to validate an obsession but truly find past life triggers! It can be very easy to believe you were once a night elf druid only to discover you are simply addicted to world of warcraft! Okay perhaps that joke was lost on some, regardless be sure you are being fair to yourself on this journey! 
Now go make some popcorn! 




  1. WOW. This is very interesting! I have had these impressions from time to time, very cool to make a project out of it!! And for the record, I was a TOTAL ninja in a past life, although maybe not a very stealthy one, more like a slapstick ninja. hahahahaha ;P

  2. ROFL Trish! I totally KNOW you were TOTALLY a Ninja in a past life! You crack me up woman!


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