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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Apples and Love Lore

Fruit has always been considered an aphrodisiac.
Chocolate covered strawberries or strawberries and champagne.
Grapes peeled for your lover.
Bananas ... need I say more?
Today however I want to discuss Apples!
Why Apples?
Well for the Witch, Apples are the way to your lovers heart!
Now we won't even go back to how Eve tempted Adam, but many a witch has sworn by sharing an apple with her loved one captures his heart for all eternity.
The ideal was the apple in its raw perfection, unpeeled and unsliced, shared by passing back and forth or by feed to each other!
Apple bobbing, a Halloween tradition, Also Called Samhain by Witches, goes back to the Celts, where it was said apples relate to love and fertility.
It was known that girls who placed the apple that they won while bobbing under their pillow would dream of the man they would marry.
Another secret is to eat an apple while looking in a mirror, if done at the strike of midnight you may see a vision of the man you will marry in the mirror standing behind you!
To see if someone loves you warm an apple in your hands and if they eat it they have romantic feelings toward you.
Another secret says that if you ask of the apple as you are eating it "how many lovers will I have" the apple will reveal the answer to you by the number of seeds it provides!
There are many legends, myths, folklore or truths, (you decide) about apples that go far back into history.
Do you have any stories to share?
Please feel free to comment!



  1. One of the best things about apples is that when you cut them, the seeds make a pentagram! ;) Another good lore is that if you peel an apple in one long peeling and then toss it over your shoulder, it will give you the initial of your true love!!! :)

  2. Thank you! OMG how could I forget about the pentagram??? LOL that is so true! I have heard something about the initial thing - do you wait for the peel to dry or is there any specific way to do this other than in one long strip? Is it the left or right shoulder or does it matter LOL see Aine you should have written this blog post : )
    Thanks for adding these wonderful tips!


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