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Saturday, July 24, 2010


You know that time as the sun is setting.
I was thinking wow what did I do with my day?
Work was at an all time slow, stand still almost. If not for chatting with a few regular clients via email I think I would have fallen asleep in my chair!
We had really nice rain showers today, which I personally love and the sky was that orange glowy color that I also simply love! It looks so mysterious and beautiful.
I thought about the day, what I could have done, should have done, had plenty of TIME to do and realized it was a day to be still.
I did do a few things!
I took a lovely 40 minute nap.
I looked at the clothes my daughter got while shopping for school clothing with her dad, a miracle in and of itself! (yes you do detect some animosity!)
I sipped on a wonderful healing mixture of herbal tea I made up.
Oh I just remembered I did forget to chew on my acai berry supplement (goes to grab that now).
Okay back - dogs think I have treats for them haha.
I got up in time to make breakfast for the family which does not happen daily.
Why do we feel we need to DO so much?
Now aside from the obvious, we DO need to work to eat, pay bills and live etc. when work is slow or life seems a bit dull and there is just "nothing to do" stop and ask yourself what DID you do?
Did you take some time for quiet contemplation?
Did you enjoy a short cat nap?
Did you cuddle with your pets?
Did you read even one thing online you didn't know about before?
Or did you sit there angry at yourself for not doing anything? Did you have so little to focus on that all your insecurities and animosities crept up on you? Did fear begin to set in and worry seemed all there was for you that day?
We are such a busy society, such a noisy one, that at times we forget it is the smallest most basic things that really can and do bring happiness when we allow them to.
Today I did nothing, then I did a lot, and now I am reflecting on the good in my life.
Tomatos, herb plants, pets, family, friends, my clients,  a really good acai berry chew that does not even seem like a healthy vitamin supplement, an orange sky after gentle rain showers, a fan softly humming and blowing on my face as I cheat time with a short nap. What more can one ask for?
Well of course a lot but is it really necessary in the big picture?
I think not.
Here are some pictures taken only minutes ago as I was outside diddling around.

My Basil Plants


Melissa Leaf


Hubby Fighting Huge Killer Tomato Plant! 

My Shadow Vino - He can't be with out me! 

The back of my house - it looks like a glowing pumpkin! 

Some of the Maters we picked! YUMMY!

Thanks for letting me share a snapshot of my day with you! 



  1. That's sweet! Thanks for sharing, Love! xoxo

  2. YW : ) thanks for checking it out !!


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