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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Thank You For Being a Part of my One Year Anniversary!

The Blog Party has now come to a close. It has been one year now that my blog has been growing and I am so lucky and happy to have friends, clients and followers like you! 

I wanted to share the final list of Blog Party Drawing Winners! Everyone who entered won something in the drawing! 

Stay tuned because I love to run contests, hold drawings, do free chat sessions and there is always something new to do and learn on the blog! 

Here is our winner's list:

Contest Winners for Blog Party!

Diana Ashcraft - winner of one email reading! Congratulations Diana!

Fiona Morelli - Winner of Mini Past Life Regression! Congratulations Fiona!

Nancy (Nano) - Soul Mate Reading! Congratulations Nancy! 

Niloo - Email Reading Winner! Congrats Niloo! 

Jennifer Rowan - Free One night spell casting - contact for more info! 

Roshelle - Two Question Email Reading - Congrats Roshelle! 

Kevin Lindgren - Congrats Kevin you won a two question email reading! 

Fiona Morelli - Fi you have won an email reading! Congrats! 

Elisa - You have won a TEA LEAF reading!!! 

Laura Z. - You have won 20 Twitter Questions/Answers! Email for info! Congrats! 

Elleanora - Congrats! You have won a tarot card reading! Email for details!  

Kali'sHeart - You have won a two question email reading!
 : ) Congrats! 

Gayathri - Congratulations! You have won an email reading! 

Tanya Ghanjanasak - Congrats ! You have won a scrying reading! Contact me to claim your prize!  

Kathy D. You have won a free one night spell casting! Contact me for info! Congrats! 

Wendy Anderson you have one a Psychic Profiling Reading! Congrats!



  1. Congrats on your 1 year girl! I dont know how but I missed my 1 yr in the shop it came and went and didn't realize it for 2 weeks lol.
    CONGRATS WINNERS! I am sure your gonna love your readings, and spell casts.

  2. Thanks Mandi! Aweee that sucks you missed your 1 year! Hey its never too late to celebrate!! I am going to try to get my shop up this month lol wish me luck! More guided meditations too with download option to boot! Once school starts back up and everyone is on a schedule again I am hoping to get more done! : ) You know what Im talking about lol


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