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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Past Life Readings

Past Life Readings which are actually or should actually be Past Life Regressions can be  an invaluable tool to discovering about yourself or a loved one. 
A regression can help you understand patterns you have in your life today, why you are the way you are, why you have the fears you have, the blocks in your path and more.
Getting a past life regression can be quite an amazing experience. 
A past life regression is a very personal thing and should help you not only see the past but help you work on your current path as well. By doing so the ideal outcome is changing the future! 

You can get a personal past life regression - for yourself only or you can get a cross past life regression - that which involves you and another specified person.
Now, in SOME cases a person simply just wants to know. They are merely curious. Thats fine if that is all you are really looking for in a past life regression/reading. However most people decide to invest in a past life regression/reading because they want to change patterns, want to know why they keep coming across the same walls again and again, want to know how they connect to another person, want to know why they are so drawn to a certain timeline, have upsetting reoccurring dreams. There is usually a REASON why someone wants to look into their past. When this is the case you really NEED to be sure you are getting the best past life regression/reading possible! 
A good regressionist will not simply regress you and send you on your way. 
They will help you connect the dots, find the patterns, discuss the things that resonate with you and the things that do not. They will work with you if you need to release some of the past, understand the present, heal wounds, clear blockages and so on.
Now my advice to you is IF you live in an area where you can personally go in and be regressed yourself then do so! This is the best way to experience the past life regression process! It is more personal, you are an active participant, and you can FEEL for yourself what the regression process is all about. 
However we are not all so lucky to live in an area where this service is offered. 
When that is the case having a past life regression (reading) done for you is fine.
There are however things to look for in deciding on who to have do a regression for you.
  1. Are they actually doing a regression or are they just doing an intuitive “reading”?
  2. How long have they been doing past life readings/regressions.
  3. How DETAILED is the reading? A paragraph or two is NOT okay! 
  4. Will they include any follow up to help you understand the regression?
  5. Will they offer support either included in the fee or for additional fees to assist you in making a plan of action to help you with your current life condition?
  6. Will they themselves be able to tell you how things FELT, what things smelled like, what they saw, where they were, who you were, what happened that has any meaning to your life today, who was important in your life, events that occurred that impacted your soul in a way that relates to this life, do they regress INTO your energy, into your soul and provide you a reading that reads as if they themselves WERE you in the regression? 
  7. How long will it take to get your regression reading? Trust me on this. A real regression takes a ton of energy and time. A reader can not simply pump this out in a few minutes! It takes a good amount of time to regress and get all this detail you need to make the regression worth while! Typing the reading up alone takes a good amount of time. For me the regression process can take up to two hours of time. When done I take a lot of notes as I want to remember everything in vivid detail! Then I usually need to take a break to rejuvenate my energy! After that I type up what I found in the regression. This process can take me up to five hours to complete and sometimes - depending how much and what it is I experience in the regression mediation it can take a day or two. 
  8. How many past lives will they look at? This is almost a trick question because there is really no way for a regressionist to know for sure until they are IN the regression! This can also change how long the regression itself will take! Once in there we are shown the lifetimes that are most important to the life you are in now. We may get only one life in REALLY great detail or we may be shown five past lives which should still have a lot of detail but perhaps not quite as much. Until your regressionist is IN there it is almost impossible to know! There is ONE disclaimer to this - IF you know exactly which life time you want looked at - if you have had a regression done before and want more detail on THAT life and you specifically ask for one life to be addressed then you would easily be able to be told - ONE life. Still they would not know how long it would take until they get in there. So a little word to the wise. If you ask this and get a direct specific answer you are probably not dealing with someone who really knows much about regression and you probably will not be happy with your results! 
Understanding your regressionist: 
Sometimes your regressoinist may experience things from your past lives that are quite traumatic! Have patience with them. Give them time and respect their time! Sometimes I have done regressions that have made me physically ill! In those cases I can’t do readings for others for a day or longer. I have to rest and get my energy and balance back. When this happens to your regressionist just be understanding and patient with them as they have invested a great deal of their energy, effort, time and EMOTIONS even into YOU! 
What can you expect out of a past life regression/reading?
Well first of all lets face it - not everyone was the Queen of Sheeba in a past life. Don’t expect to be told you were a famous person. Its not likely to happen although it HAS happened to some degree - its not IMPOSSIBLE but just do not go in with ideas of grander! 
Secondly, be prepared for anything! Do not be upset if you find out you did some evil deeds in a past life. We ALL are human and in the human experience there must be a balance of good and evil! Just because you find out you may not have been the best person in a past life does not mean you are a bad person in THIS life. IT means that what happened in the past is a part of your collective SOUL experience! It is important to understand there is the human form and the SOUL form of our existence and we are here to live and learn, experience through both joys and pains, pleasures and evils and sometimes we are the ones making the bad things happen! Do not let it get you down. Usually when we are here to get a regression we actually NEED to see the down side of our past lives to FIX what is happening in this one! If your reading is all love and light you won’t learn much from the experience anyway! 

In closing ... consider what you would want out of a past life reading then toss all those ideas aside lol.
What you NEED from a past life reading is just like getting a regular psychic reading. You may WANT to know certain things but what comes through is what is NECESSARY for you to hear and understand to better your life path.
With love,



  1. I LOVED my past life reading with Azz! I am still getting different impressions and information from it and I'm sure it's something I'm going to treasure for years and years. Thank you SO much, Azz!

  2. Aweee Nathara THANK YOU! That means so much to me! I really do love doing past life regressions and you know if you ever have any questions about it you can STILL holler at me and ask! xox


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