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Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Note on Meditation

Meditation is such a wonderful thing. I am sure many of you have heard many people talk about how wonderful it is for them or have read what wonders meditation can do for you. For many however, meditation is a huge mystery. There are many questions that come up such as "Am I doing it right?"
"Do I have to breathe a certain way?" "How long sound I meditate?" and such. 

The thing is meditation IS wonderful but it takes practice and diligence. Its one of those things that sounds great but if you are like me and want instant gratification and do not have a lot of patience, its a practice that is easy to slip out of. 

Since my Guided Meditation media is growing and I am adding more and more Guided Meditations I wanted to take a moment to explain a few things.

First, don't press yourself. Meditation should be relaxing and enjoyable. There really is no ONE way of doing it and while you can find many books on the subject you have to form your own way of doing meditation. No one meditation works for everyone, some of us respond better to some methods than others. Its OKAY if you do not like a particular meditation, formula for practicing meditation etc.

There is ONE book I have found in my years of practicing meditation I really do love and it is called Insight Meditation by Sharon Salzberg. What I really like is it comes with a CD to help you on the way. 

Guided meditations, such as those at the top of my blog are wonderful to learn how to ease into the practice.

Repetition is key. If at first you don't succeed don't beat yourself up over it. As I said some meditations just may not be your cup of tea while others will really resonate with you. Also do not expect results right away. Sometimes a meditation needs to be altered more to your needs, or needs repeating in order to get the results you seek. Simple meditations for relaxation are just that - simple meditations but there are meditations for just about anything you can imagine, such as stopping bad habits, dispelling negative energy and even astral projection! (stay tuned to my guided meditation media player for this one coming soon!) 

Don't give up hope if meditation is not working for you right away. There is truly and honestly no CORRECT way to meditate. For some it involves deep breathing and visualization - I use visualization a lot in my guided meditations. For others it can simply be sitting in a comfortable position in the park tuning into the sounds of nature. 

One thing is key, having a regular time to do your meditation practice. Like any positive habit, be it taking your daily vitamins, work, family game night, Monday Night Football, etc - you must incorporate meditation into your routine, be it daily, a few times a week or even just weekly. Set aside a special time JUST for YOU in a special place - your sacred place to work on your meditation relaxation.

With Love,


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