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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Most Romantic Love Notes

I thought it would be fun, as long as I can get people to participate, to see what the most romantic love note, or letter my readers ever received or had written. Now to make it more fun, it does not have to necessarily be “romantic” in the sense of sappy, gooey sweet, etc.
It can be fun, silly, sexy, whatever got your heart fluttering! 

Now even if this is from a past love, a school crush, someone you are not with etc, it does not matter. While we do not always win the heart of the one we want, it is still wonderful to know someone somewhere had those feelings, be it that they gave a note/letter to you or you wrote one for someone else.
I believe in the law of attraction and sometimes we simply get stuck in our rut, are not happy, not with the one we love, and we tend to focus so much on what we do not have. 
Instead of focusing on what we do not have, I thought it would be healthy and fun for us to focus on what we do have or had at some point and time. Sometimes in sharing what we have experienced in the positive it helps others to remember, love is possible, love does happen, it can happen to us all.
You do not have to post the entire letter or note. A short section of it is fine, or share it in full! Snippets that were especially cute, funny, sexy, sweet, etc are great! 
You can have given this to another person OR you could have received it from someone.
It can be a letter you have written but never sent. 
Tell us if you were the sender or receiver.
If you wish, you could give us an idea of what you felt when you wrote it, or sent it.
A timeframe - what was the timeframe that this happened, was it in high school? Was it yesterday? 
Simply submit your post below under “comments”.
And so all can participate: If you have never written or received a love note/letter feel free to make one up! Spread the love and write anything you would have liked to send someone! Think back to the crush you had in grade school - what would you have said if you could have back then? Consider the person you are deeply in love with now, what would you tell them if you felt you could say anything! 
Have FUN! Everyone who participates will be given half off a soul mate reading!!! 
(only one half off reading per person regardless of number of times you submit) 
I will start us off:
A long time ago when I was in my 20’s I received a love note from a boyfriend.
He had burned the edges of some really good quality paper so it looked like it had been on fire and put out. He simply wrote: “I’m burning for you”.
I thought it was silly romantic creative and fun! 


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