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Friday, July 23, 2010

Leo In Love

Lavish your Leo with love, attention and accolades and he / she will surely give just as much right back! Ignore your Leo and he / she will surely roar! 
Leo is a fierce but delicate breed who needs to be the center of focus! Leo loves to be in the spotlight and performs wonderfully there! 
The Leo wants to walk into a party with you, arm in arm, proud and strong as a couple, but then be able to go around by himself or herself socializing and enjoying the party.
They need a good amount of independence. However they also need to know you are in fact checking them out from the other side of the room, not because you want to be sure they don’t stray but just because they are so damn sexy! 
Now the Leo pride is intense, they embarrass easily and when hurt they hurt deeply. 
Sometimes they can even cause their own wounds by scratching themselves while licking another wound they had! 
Now I love Leo, don’t get me wrong, I am married to one, have a teen son who is one, and a best friend who is one. Actually, I have seemed to attract Leo my whole life! 

They are amazing magnificent creatures with a ton of love to give but only if you love them and accept them for who they are. Do not dare try to change or chain a Leo! 

Your Leo lover needs to be expressive and are quite emotional creatures who will dote on your every need, pamper you and indulge you in the sweetest of sensual pleasures. However if you wound this creature he or she will fight back with a vengeance! 
Leo needs someone who is confident and caring, a free spirit but loyal, creative and intelligent, indulgent and expressive - just like them! They do not like to compete for attention and do not care to ask for it although they will give you hints and elude to the fact they want something they really prefer you are intuitive and do things for them on your own accord - this gives the Leo the most pleasure! 
Leo loves luxury and having nice things around them is important to their happiness. They love travel and do well with a mate that will travel and explore with them. They love sensual pleasures - touch and verbal comments are something they need plenty of. 
They love to have their heads stroked - their loin’s mane - every Leo I have ever known has a sensual spot on their heads so gentle stroking can lull them into a deep state of pleasure! They enjoy chocolate, roses and all the typical romantic indulgences! 
If you are not a sappy sweet romantic then you may shy away from Leo as the Leo mate requires such extravagancies! 
Normally a Leo is apt to shower, shave, and preen quite often and like the Lion loves to take good care of their physical self, they are quite particular about how they dress and present themselves to the public and can be the own worst judge! They would like for their love mate to feel the same and take good care of themselves as well as they view how you look at their side as much of a character trait of their own! 
Leos love to take risks, they like to gamble and do things most people would find a bit alarming at times. They are always after the next big thrill although this trait does seem to wane after they age some that is always to some degree inherent in them. Be willing to take some risks as your Leo prefers to indulge with you by their side! 
Leos have a notorious habit to exaggerate and at times straight out lie especially when cornered or confronted! These lies and exaggerations are not even usually about important things! Sometimes for the younger leo lies are easier than the truth even if and when the truth is actually better than the lie itself! To accept this trait in your Leo love mate you need to be a patient and understanding person and be willing to learn how to coax the truth out of them gently at times and other times when to simply cut to the chase and confront but know that when confronted your leo will most likely continue to put up the barriers and it will not be until they come to terms with the lie themselves that they will stop battling you. Do not expect an out right admission however, when you know your Leo has admitted the truth is when they no longer argue that they never lied! 
Now before you discount leo as your love mate due to the lying aspect remember no other sign is going to give you the amazing benefits of your leo! This is probably their biggest character flaw but once totally at ease with you, completely knowing they have your utter most love and devotion and never would leave their side even if they told you all their ugly little secrets they will stop with the lies and be forthcoming. Yes the trust is there to be yours! You just have to earn it! 
Leo is a very loyal lover, is not a typical cheater you just have to let them know and show them via many words and actions that they can count on you no matter what. 
Please do remember that no two Leos or any sun sign for that matter are identical, date and time and even place of birth let alone nature and nurture can change how any specific sun sign is. However I guarantee you that most of these traits will show in your leo love mate! 


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