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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How to Do Tea Leaf Readings

My friend Lisa and I were chatting the other day and somehow we got on the topic of Tea Leaf Readings. Don't ask me how we got to that topic lol when Lisa and I get talking ANYTHING can come up! Anyway as I had told her I used to do tea leaf readings a lot "back in the day" but I guess it just sort of died out, not many people really request them anymore, for that matter I don't know if anyone really ever did or if in my learning process I just did it for them! LOL As many of you know my Great Great Grandmother mentored me, and she I am sure did a lot more tea readings back in HER day than I ever did in mine. Regardless she taught me the art of tea leaf readings. Now I can't say that it is easy peasy or anything but it really is not all that difficult of a process. Once you know how to set up for the reading, its all on your intuition from there.

So to set up a Tea Leaf Reading -

Do not use tea bags. Perhaps this is where the craft began to "die out" as we have all these amazing teas in bags these days but using a tea bag will not allow for the leaves to settle and be read as they will all be in a tidy little bag.

Use loose leaf tea.

Make the tea. Let it stand a bit before pouring.

Do not use a strainer!

Add milk and / or sugar if you like. Although for reading purposes just plain ol tea is usually best.

Stir and wait to allow leaves to settle to the bottom of the cup.

Then drink your tea down to leave just a little bit at the bottom - you don't want to drink those tea leaves yuck!

Swirl the cup three times to suspend the leaves in the liquid.

Then in a swift motion turn the cup upside down on a saucer to catch the remaining tea.

What you should have are tea leaves inside your cup, on the sides and perhaps some still on the bottom.

Now is when the reading part of the process begins!

Look for shapes in your cup.

If you hold the cup in your right hand it means the messages you get are coming TO you. If you hold the cup in your left hand it means these things are moving OUT of your path.

Certain shapes provide you for specific insights.

For example if you see water shapes this could mean movement in one's life, travel, water as a whole can represent one's emotional state of being as well.

Mountains mean obstacles and blockages in one's path.

Birds mean messages and possible new beginnings, old friends coming back into one's life etc.

I found a really great resource for possible signs and their meanings but understand that the meaning of any symbol you may see in a tea leaf reading is dependent on where a person is at in their life at any given time. Much like tarot, there are "book meanings" but a lot is up to the interpretation of the reader!

Tea Leaf Symbols and Meanings


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