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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Herb Warnings - What Not to Take Prior to Surgery

So as you all know I am pro herbal remedies. I love to use herbs for healing, in place of medication when appropriate and in addition to traditional medication. However, herbs are not to be taken lightly. They are or can be damaging if taken at the wrong time. Also many of us have severe allergies to some herbs just as we do some medications. One also must consider many medications are made from some form of herb or once were before synthetic drugs came along.

Now I am certainly NOT a doctor and am in no way qualified to say what you personally should or can take. Heck for that matter I nearly killed myself taking feverfew many years ago not being well educated at the time to herbal remedies. Later after much education and research understood it is a member of the ragweed family and being allergic to ragweed and taking a pretty high dose of feverfew almost did me in!

Anyway, I wanted to post a list of herbal supplements that should not be taken prior to a surgery again I am not a doctor and am merely passing this information a long as a guideline, but not gospel. Always ask your doctor before taking any herbal supplement, and for sure talk to him or her prior to any medical procedure. Also when you are asked what medications you are taking never forget to list herbal "medications' as well!

The following medications should never be taken for two weeks prior to surgery due to their side effects:

CO-Q 10 - honestly I don't even know what this IS!
Black Cohosh - I have heard to never take during pregnancy as well!
Fish Oil - almost everyone is taking this these days!
Garlic - yup GARLIC!
Ginko Biloba
Golden Seal
Green Tea - yup weird huh!
Kava Kava
Licorice - not sure about the candy though - hummm.
Saw Palmetto
St Johns Wart
Vitamin E - sorry guys!

Now I want to note I would be almost CERTAIN this list is not complete and we all know that medical science is discovering new things every day so be sure you check this with your medical practitioner!
This article is intended only to assist NOT to be the final word! Perhaps some of the herbs I have listed are no longer a concern but it's always best to talk to your doctor!

Also if you take multiple vitamins check the contents for their herbal content!
Check any vitamin drinks as well including Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar, etc
Do NOT take diet pills as they contain Ephedra!




  1. Thanks for the reference list, Azz - good to know such thing. although the bit about garlic could just about break my heart. I <3 garlic in everything! LOL

  2. Ya know I need to really look into this garlic thing I mean EVERYONE uses garlic right? Maybe not. I know I LOVE it just like you and think about how much garlic is in regular foods these days. SO my thought is in the last 5 years my daughter has had MULTIPLE surgeries and yet never has a doctor said "be sure not to eat garlic" now perhaps it is not EATING garlic so much as using it in capsule form as a dietary supplement. Maybe they assume that a kid her age would not be taking garlic as a supplement. And everyone these days is taking fish oil especially older people.
    Its a bit confusing to me where the lines are drawn - now with the Cohosh I know for sure that blue and black cohosh can cause bad things to happen with pregnant women.
    The thing is I do not think a lot of people realize that herbal remedies really ARE very potent and can harm as much as help in some cases.

  3. Ohh! It is believed that everything that grows from the earth has nutrients and vitamins in it. But not in all herbs. Some Herbal Supplement may cause side effects if taken at wrong time especially prior to any surgery.

  4. Indeed and I would love someone who knows more to come in and give updates to my list! Your site is of interest to me - I will be checking it out
    : )


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