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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Go Forth and Prosper! You CAN Travel Into the Future!

Who do you want to be 5 years from now?
What career path will you be on if all goes just as you plan?
What type of lifestyle will you have?
Who will be by your side?
What will it take to get there?
How can you make it happen?
What stands in your way?
All of these concerns, fears, worries, etc are negative thinking! 
Oh you may BELIEVE you are thinking in a positive manner because you are planning, looking at every shade of grey in between so you can be PREPARED for anything that may stall you out.
You are considering all the options, weighing the odds, day dreaming and writing down your plans. BUT
Be careful! 
We easily get stuck in this mode of PLANNING we forget to take real ACTION! 
Consider where you are and where you want to be and focus hard on ONE thing you can do RIGHT now to BE what you want to be, DO what you want to do, GO where you want to go.
No excuses, no hesitations, no procrastination! 
What ONE thing can you get up and do right NOW as a catalyst to the future you desire? 
Now ... DO IT! 
The more time we spend dreaming of what we want “in the future” (do you hear the echos?) the less time we spend living the life we want and BEING the person we want to be! 
Now I am not saying you can go grab the very first supposed prince charming you so desire and say “You, man, marry me, woman, NOW!”
I think the cave men had the market on that idea! 
But we do have to take active steps toward manifesting our future into our NOW.
It may be the small things you can do right now but instead of saying
“when my kids are a bit older I will dress better, wear make up more often, be more “presentable.” 
You know if you get up, dress nicely, put on that make-up and be more presentable NOW your future is already here! You have taken control and become an active participant in your own path! 
Now yes I realize this is a basic conception here but how many of you really ARE sitting there reading this nodding your head up and down?
I know I can relate to this as my friend and I were talking about this very topic just this week! 
Now lets take this same thought line and transfer it into something even bigger! 
“When I have some savings built up I will get back in school and finish my degree just in case it does not go so well.” 
Oh really? So you already have a bit of a pre-determination that you will fail? Sure it can be hard going back to school as a non-traditional student! Having to work and take classes in your free time, trying to raise kids perhaps, juggling everything at once. Sounds scary but how much happier would you be if you just did it? How much better would you feel knowing you are participating in your own life now and the future is no longer years down the road but is in your TODAY! 
Yes we CAN travel into the future! 
By living our lives as we want to right here, right now.
Yes I do realize we do not all have those extra funds floating around to do everything we want to do and I am not taking about buying a yacht.
Every one of us has SOMETHING we can do - really CAN do right now that we are putting off because we say we will do it LATER or IN THE FUTURE (theres those annoying echos again!)
This type of thinking is what keeps us from our true life purpose, true happiness and the real meaning of life! 
Okay Im off my soap box now.
Go forth and prosper! 


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