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Saturday, July 31, 2010


Animals are capable of being highly intuitive although not all of them are. They are much like humans in the sense that some of them seem to be attuned to spiritual energy and some are not.

In Medieval times women who kept cats were believed to be witches using their cats for evil means and purposes. It was also believed that witches would shape shift in order to do their evil biddings.

Now a lot of people really do not like cats and while personally I can understand why some do not I happen to love my little furkids! I have three cats all with very distinct personalities. I do not want to fail to mention my three dogs however this post is about the kittehs!

First we have JubJub - he is the menace. He stalks us and another one of our cats, Tibet who you will meet in a moment. JubJub can be the most subdued in the mornings when laying in the sunlight and he DEMANDS the curtain and shade be opened at least enough for him to bask in the morning sun! However, do not let the puffy kind face fool you! He is simply waiting to reach out effortlessly and claw the hell out of you! He is so lazy he does not do this unless it is without any real effort and will wait for perfect timing, just as you are walking by with your guard down. He finds this fun and playful, I find it painful. On the plus side he is very well mannered (other than the clawing) and is not a demanding creature, he does not hassle anyone for treats, or beg for attention, and he CAN be loving when in the mood. JubJub is the youngest and almost did not survive, We rescued him as a skinny sickly cat and now he is the big fat grand master you see here:

He loves to watch the movie Garfield and literally sits watching it! He watches Garfield in all his antics and JubJub’s head follows his every move!

Then we have Tibet. She is a loud purring kitteh who’s whole belly rumbles as she lays on you. You can feel her healing vibrations and her warming energy. She is a sweet cat but likes to be petted roughly. She likes to be rubbed in a playful and at times rough housing manner and seems to really like to torment JubJub but will instantly play the victim once she gets him to attack! She will climb on you endlessly and since she is part Siamese her claws do not always retract and she unintentionally can dig her claws into you but her intent is NEVER to harm. She truly is a healing cat. When I am sick she will lay on me as if she knows I need the comfort allowing her vibrational energy to be absorbed by me. She truly does make me feel better! This is my son’s cat. I think that is why she likes to be treated roughly!

Then we have Vino - my lovely adorable guardian! Vino has been with me the longest. He had a brother named Ale who we lost many years ago. Vino is 12 years of age. He rarely leaves my side. He is highly attached and dependent on me. He also watches out for me. He is my dream catcher, my familiar, and my care taker. Just ask him! He knows he is my little man and he doesn’t let me forget it. He does whine often for treats and he has different “voices” for different needs he has. He has a distinct voice when he wants regular cat food due to his bowl being empty. He has an “I want outside” voice and he is the only cat who refuses to use the cat house we built. We made a cat house that they can enter from my office window that is enclosed with chicken wire and has many climbing apparatus for them. This is to keep them safe as a lot of cats in this neighbored including a couple of ours were killed. Vino refuses to use it and lets me know when he wants me to take him in the back yard for an exploration. He immediately comes to me the moment I lay down to sleep and waits until I am comfortable then climbs right next to me and curls in beside me. Vino is my cat.

All of these wonderful creates have very definitive personalities. They have their own voices and ways of telling us their moods. They even have facial expressions!

They can sense more sound and vibrational frequencies than any other mammal including humans! This is how and why they easily connect to the spirit world around us. They also can easily sense hormones and pheromones. Cats are such interesting creatures and even if you do not care for them you can’t deny they do have some mystique to them.

JubJub is not a familiar nor do I feel he cares much about the spirit world but he does perk up on occasion when I am doing medium work he does not really care to interact with me regarding it. Tibet is one who will sit near by when I am meditating and doing healing work and helps me with energy work. Vino is the one who is most in tune to spiritual energies regarding medium work and is considered my familiar. Interestingly enough all three cats do get involved when I am doing spell casting - especially JubJub who seems to be the least interested in any other spiritual work!

The main thing I have learned from my cats is that they are not mine, I am theirs.


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