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Monday, July 5, 2010

Developing Your Psychic Senses

Many of my blog readers and clients often ask me "How can I develop my psychic senses?"

Well, there are many courses you can take, and many books you can read, and many ways to work on psychic development. However before any of that should begin one must find their own center, focus, and balance.

We often rush so far in front of ourselves when excited about a new path that we leave ourselves behind not fully prepared for what may be to come.

One must work diligently at psychic development, it is not a hobby, unless for you it is then thats fine, but you should not be investing in courses, classes, mentors, etc until you are fully dedicated.

One easy and enlightening exercise one should always practice before beginning to work on their 6th sense is mastery of the five you already have.


Now granted we are not all blessed with all five rudimentary senses but even if you are not you can still practice this exercise and you will probably already have one or more of the other senses you do have heightened and more defined.

Quite simply pick one sense you wish to develop, such as hearing. Sit and be still. In our society today we have so many things distracting us. Turn EVERYTHING off, we do not want to focus on the sound of your cell phone ringing, nor the television or radio blaring. What we need to tap into are the sounds of nature and possible the sounds of outer realms!

Just stop and listen, even go as far as to blindfold yourself so you can not see, focusing in MORE on the sense of sound. Sit on your hands if you tend to fiddle with things around you. You need not touch right now. Narrow your sensations down to just the one you are focusing on as much as you can and allow for the sounds to naturally come to you. You should find that you are picking up sounds you normally would not hear due to being drowned out by all the sounds you would normally have fighting against them. Birds chirping, dogs barking, perhaps crickets at night time, the wind blowing, leaves rustling, a neighbors cat mewing, a car driving by. Whatever sounds you are picking up focus on them. As you continue to practice this exercise you will find you are picking up sounds on different frequencies you had not heard before.
In time you may be hearing your guides calling to you.

You should do similar work on each sense you have.

The sense of smell is the one sense most directly connected to the part of our brain that stores memory! When doing past life regressions for clients the sense of SMELL is one that is dominant although not always terribly useful in all past life readings for my clients it is one of the most enjoyable and at times the most repulsive of the senses BUT it really brings the focus to life in a regression!

Smell, being the strongest sense linked to memory can help you retrace your past, recall influential moments both from this life and past lives and can help you improve your memory as well.

To enhance your sense of smell you can sit with an assortment of fruits, herbs, cologne, perfumes, lotions, essential oils, scented candles, basically anything that has a smell to it.
Blindfolded again of course to narrow your focus, and all sounds off that you can control, sit back and inhale the aromas. Focus on each one, visualizing where the scents come from. If smelling a lemon, well we know it grows on a tree, try visualizing the tree. Imagine that tree growing, where is it growing at? What does it look like (in your minds eye). Can you visualize it blossoming?

You can do similar exercises for all your senses.

This may sound very basic but for anyone really serious about developing their psychic abilities it is a must. Taking small steps earns great rewards!

Your sixth sense will naturally become stronger and your third eye will open, your crown chakra will open, and you will find that your learning will increase in all areas!

A good spiritualist, empath, psychic etc must work daily at keeping their energy well balanced. Through meditation, positive affirmations, manifestation, universal laws, study, trail and error, prayer, and many other ways.

To get to the point of being truly able to enhance your spiritual gifts you must begin at the beginning.



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