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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Client’s Personal Experience with Vision Boards

A client of mine recently sent me pictures of her AMAZING vision board! 

I was so thrilled to see another person’s board in action I asked her if she would do an interview with me about her board. To keep her identity private we have decided to call her AmazingNYDiva just for fun. : ) 
Here is our interview:

Azzrian: When did you decide to make a vision board? Was there a specific reason you decided to make one?

AmazingNYDiva: I've always been aware of vision boards but never really got to it. I'm not very good with glue and funky scissors, so I put it on the back burner for awhile. Recently I was speaking to you about manifestations and you brought up the subject of vision boards again. I was at a point where I needed to see something every day to remind me on what I want, what’s important to me and what it actually looks like. Life could get jaded and foggy and the vision board to me is a focus on something real that I could see with my own eyes

Azzrian: How long ago did you begin using a vision board?
AmazingNYDiva: The board was created recently.

Azzrian: What do you do with your vision board? Do you focus on it every day? Do you keep it in plain sight or do you hide it?
AmazingNYDiva: As I was building this collage I was set on leaving it under my bed and not showing it to anyone, thought of it as something private. But once I was done I was so amazed that I just left it up on my dresser. I just think it’s so beautiful and shouldn’t be covered up. I want to see it every day in plain sight.

Azzrian: Do you ever forgot about your vision board - not notice it - forget to focus on it etc?

AmazingNYDiva: Haven’t forgot about it yet, but I do think I may get those days where I won’t focus on it so much, just because I could become so unreliable =). It’s on the dresser so I get to see it every day at least.

Azzrian: Where did you find all the pictures used in your vision board?

AmazingNYDiva: The vision board is built with photos of people and things that I was just drawn to. Some were photos I had and some I just googgled the image and found what was on my mind. I knew what I wanted just needed to find it on a search engine, lol.

Azzrian: Was it hard to create one?

AmazingNYDiva: It wasn’t hard at all. It was the easiest thing I've ever done that was completely satisfying at the same time. Wish I would have done it sooner.

Azzrian: Does your vision board have a theme?
AmazingNYDiva: I'm into photography so my vision board is based on that concept. Every time I look at it, I see love. Every picture represents some type of love that I want or need in my life.

Azzrian:  Does the vision board help you remain focused on your dreams, goals and wishes?
AmazingNYDiva: Completely! Now that I have something that I can actually see instead of daydreaming of it all day, it makes it real and possible.

Azzrian: Does your board keep you on track in the sense you know what you want and will not settle for anything less - is it a reminder not to settle?
AmazingNYDiva : Definitely, focusing on the board makes you want nothing but what you’re actually seeing.
Azzrian: Do you change your board ever or do you always leave the same things on it?

AmazingNYDiva: I don’t think I will ever want to change it. Maybe add a few things here and there but never get rid of something. Once I get all of the things done that are on it now, I might just retire it and create a new one.

Azzrian: Is there anything about making a vision board you can tell others about to help them get started?
AmazingNYDiva : Make a vision board that represents you. I'm not the type of girl that brings out the glitter and glue on any occasion, I don’t decorate, but I do love photography. Anyone that really knows me knows that vision board was created by me and only me.

Azzrian: Is there anything you would have done different with your board?
AmazingNYDiva: Nope! I'm completely mesmerized with it, I think it’s beautiful
Azzrian: Why is this board special to you?
AmazingNYDiva : It’s special because it represents what my life is going to be, it shows me how wonderful it can be.

Azzrian: Have any of your friends or family seen your board?
AmazingNYDiva:  My family has seen the board. They were really surprised on the little details and I had to explain a few for them but overall they were amazed and really enjoyed it.

Azzrian: Do you think you will ever make another vision board? What would spur you to do so?
AmazingNYDiva : Once I achieved everything I want that’s on it now it will be time to create a new one. I think everyone evolves and should always be moving toward something new.
Azzrian: What does your vision board do for you spiritual and emotionally? 
AmazingNYDiva: The board brought hope back to a life that was lacking it. It gets me excited to now know how beautiful my life is going to be.

I want to thank "AmazingNYDiva" for doing this interview for us! Thank you also "Diva" for sharing your photos and vision board with us. It is so nice to see a vision board in action and what it can do to help us stay focused on our goals, dreams, desires and wishes! 

I encourage everyone to create a board of their own! I am not crafty either but having a vision board we can look at every day does keep us on track! When we take time to meditate and focus on it even better! 

If you have a personal experience you would like to share with us regarding vision boards or anything spiritual, empowering, uplifting or educational please let me know! 




  1. I've totally been slacking on making a new one of these - it might just be time to get some new corkboard! Thank you so much for the interview Azz and "Diva"!

  2. Thanks Nathara! I need to update mine actually. Diva was cool to send me pics of hers! That lil kick in the butt we need lol

  3. This is a great idea, and very creative. I think I may start one and let you know how it looks as I progress along!

  4. I would LOVE that! Always love to see how other people are doing their visions boards and projects! It is so empowering and inspiring. Thanks : )

  5. I will have to show you a copy of mine

  6. I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to see it!


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