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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Astral Projection

Astral projection is the ability to send your spiritual self outside of the body.
It is about using our spiritual self separate and apart from our physical domain.
Using astral projection we can send our conscious mind to places outside our earthly boundaries. With practice we can maintain some form or awareness.
Astral Projection or Out of Body Experiences can be linked to voluntary projection due to practice and meditation or to non-voluntary due to shock, stress, or a deep state of relaxation in a dream type state.
Out of body experiences can come without warning or knowledge, let alone an attempt to do so. When this happens usually one does not remember the experience. The goal is an attempt to learn how to project at will so the experience can be enjoyed and we can learn from it.
Often we project without awareness or subconsciously often while in dream state. The process is inherent in all of us but so natural that we do not recall anything that happened let alone what we learned. 
Everyone has the ability to astral project and everyone does it even if they are unaware that they are. What I hope for all to achieve is the ability for every one to astral project decisively and on the conscious level or as close to it as possible! 
Through guided meditation and then later through self meditation I hope to help anyone who would like to learn this ability do so. 
During the guided meditation you will be taken through the steps to learn how to project. You will hear me speak of the “silver thread” - this is what keeps you attached to your physical self. It is important that you visualize your silver thread attached to your physical body and your spiritual self. This thread keeps us safe and always able to return when we wish to. You have complete control of the thread - it is like an umbilical cord and only your free will can cut this cord. As long as you choose to stay attached you will be able to return to your body at any time.
If you would like to learn astral projection then stay tuned as in the next day or two I will have a guided meditation listed on my Guided Mediations media player for you to enjoy! 
Get Downloads Here: Guided Meditations
Private lessons are also available - email to inquire about private meditation lessons.



  1. Great information! Really helpful! Thank you!

  2. Your welcome! Let me know if there are any meditations you need help with or want me to add to the player as I will create one! xox

  3. Thank you, this is very informative and gets me motivated to use your guided meditations.


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