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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Astral Projection Guided Meditation Now Available

Below you will be able to play guided meditations created by me.
You will hear me guiding you through the meditation process.
In time you will not need my assistance but this is a wonderful place to begin.
I hope to add more guided meditations soon.
If you have a request for a specific meditation please feel free to email me at:
azzrian@cox.net or leave a comment and I will do my best to get one made for you and added to the playlist.
Guided Meditations by Azzrian Visions

As noted yesterday in this article HERE the Guided Meditation for Astral Projection Level 1 is now ready and loaded onto the media player above. 

Once I have the next two guided meditations uploaded I will make the MP3 downloads available to everyone. 

UPDATE: MP3 Downloads here: Guided Meditation Downloads

I hope you find the meditations helpful! 




  1. Hey Azz, Thought I'd let you know that in this post there's reference to guided meditations "above" but there aren't any there, and the meditations are SUCH a great resource, I'd hate if readers couldn't find them. Just wanted you to know. :)

  2. Thank you!! All fixed! :)
    Appreciate you looking out for me xoxo


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