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Friday, July 23, 2010

Are You a Real Psychic?

I have been asked this question a few times over my years of spiritual work.
I have to admit it still stings a bit when I am asked this.
I also acknowledge there are a lot of people out there pretending to be psychic, intuitives, etc especially now that the internet is a stomping grounds for scammers! 
I understand from the perspective client’s point of view as well not wanting to be scammed or invest trust in someone who is only out for the quick buck! 
I appreciate a person being careful.
First of all I want to point out “psychic” is a blanket term used to describe anyone with spiritual abilities or gifts. There are many different types of “psychics” such as empaths, intuitives, sensitives, clairvoyants, etc and so on. 
Each and every one of these skills and all that I did not mention require different types of focus, different types of practice, different methods to develop, and all come with their own downsides as well.
Being a “psychic” is not just about giving readings or foreseeing the future. It takes years and years of work and dedication as well as daily grounding, balancing of ones own energy, releasing of energy collected through the day and more. 
Now as for “are you a real psychic” - how do you know? How do you determine if “psychic” A is real or if he or she is a scammer?
How do you know who to trust?
Its really important to know that even a REALLY good VALID psychic may not be all that good for you! I have had some clients in the past that were great people, but our energy just did not jive. It was not anyone’s “fault” but it was best that they find someone more suited for their energy vibrations and better for me not to read for them. It was a mutual split lol.
You want to LIKE your spiritual advisor! You want to feel comfortable with them, enjoy their sense of humor, their banter, they way they communicate with you in between readings, if they do at all. If they are there for you when you just need a pick me up or maybe even a kick in the butt! 
Think of choosing a spiritual advisor in the way you would a doctor, a lawyer, etc.
I know I tired to hire a lawyer a couple months ago - he did not return my calls, did not acknowledge my emails - hell even if he did not have TIME to reply to the email when he at least could have told me he got it, had no time to reply but would when he could. NOTHING. I didn’t hire him. He was sort of an ass when I met with him anyway so no big loss to me.
The thing is you would not hire any professional who did not treat you with respect and care. So think of your spiritual advisor the same way.
Degrees can hang on a wall, certificates can look really impressive but they do not mean a thing if there is not a strong HUMAN element! 
Now with that said - YES you DO want someone who has “proof” of accuracy and you know you can trust to do the job! 
Instead of asking “are you a real psychic” take time and invest in studying them for yourself.
Of course a psychic is going to say “yes I’m real” I mean what else would they say? ESPECIALLY if they are a scammer! 
So do your own work! 
Look them up. I know you can google my name and find me everywhere! Most psychics or spiritual advisors have tons of info on the web - or they should if they dedicate their lives to their work! 
Look at the sites they work on - their reviews - what others have to say about them and yes expect a few unhappy clients! No one spiritual advisor can help everyone and there will be some who do not like what they are told and yes even at times there will be inaccuracy with your advisor! Heck even doctors diagnose wrong at times. Spiritual advisors are not God! 
BUT take into account their dedication, their devotion, their work history, their ratings, and reviews! Notice if they write helpful articles - see if they have a blog, a web site and is that web site or blog simply promoting themselves or actually interactive and helpful?
Now lets face it - this is a society of shameless self promotion and really to make a living at anything you have to plug yourself. And I am not going to lie as really isn’t it pretty transparent anyway? When I post a blog article even though it is helpful and kind of me to do so to educate my followers etc ... isn’t that in and of itself just self promoting to get more clients? Hell yes it is! It takes a lot of time, a lot of energy and a lot of dedication and I think you can tell that I love doing it! Thats the crux - yes they are self promoting but do they enjoy doing it? Do they enjoy the interaction or is it just their big ego? 
When you take part in a chat session with me its fun, we have a ball, I love to do things and give surprises to people. THATS why I do it! BUT I won’t deny that even the free chat sessions are a means to gain clients! 
So don’t let anyone tell you that there isn’t some element of shameless self promotion in any web site or blog BUT you will notice in some sites and blogs ALL is it is self promotion! All it is is about getting that money! There is no heart, no personality etc.
That to me is a huge red flag! 
Also is this advisor willing to share the “wealth” do they recommend other advisors just in case they CAN’T help you? 
I do not claim to be a great medium when it comes to talking to those who have crossed over although there have been times I have really done some amazing readings in that aspect truly it is not my forte! So I am more than happy to suggest someone who is so YOU get the best of the best! I have referrals of other experts on my “trusted experts” page. 
And no not all of them may be right for you either. But they are there if you need them.
I do not even ask they link back to me in return but some of them do. 
So consider these elements when choosing a spiritual advisor and please do not ask them “are you a real psychic” it really puts a person on the spot sitting there thinking Hummmmm what does REAL even mean? LOL
I know I am living and breathing. I know I have been doing this since I was 8 years old. I know I have worked my tail off to be the best I can be at what I do. I know I have studied even when most of my gifts are natural and I don’t need to study. I know I have helped thousands of people. I know I have made a few people pretty pissed off having to tell them things they don’t want to hear - probably several hundreds! I know there are even some I have NOT been accurate with. Does that mean I am real? Does it mean I am not? 
What IS real is when your spiritual advisor WANTS to help you really cares, is there for you even when you just need to vent, will help you out when times are tough, has been accurate with you and can admit when they have been wrong, you won’t find anyone ever who is 100% accurate ALL the time! 
Really no matter what answer you get from a spiritual guide the real proof is in the pudding and the homework falls on you. 
The worst thing you can do to a new guide is to test them. Starting out in a relationship like that is no different than a potential love mate saying to you “well I am checking out five chicks now but we will see where you stack up after a few dates.”  Okay we know that dating happens and we know that everyone wants to explore their options! But if a person actually said that to you in the dating world would you really appreciate it much? Wouldn’t you start out already feeling under the microscope? Do you think you would be able to be yourself? How do you think your performance would be even thinking you have to “perform” for them? A bit mentally abusive to say the least. Okay of course we want honesty from someone we are dating but isn’t it nicer just to say “hey I am seeing others.” You can surely ask for an introduction from many experts until you find the right one for you there is no shame in that and you should explore your options when it comes to a spiritual advisor but instead of asking “are you real” perhaps just say hello, tell them what you are looking for and see how they respond. 
So okay now that this sounds like a venting session here I really want to get back to the heart of the matter. Of course I want to be your spiritual guide, Of course I want you to pick me - I am no different from anyone else and I am the kid in the front of the class room with arm raised really high in the air going “oh oh oh pick me I know the answer”, however I know that I am not the only one. I know there are wonderful advisors out there you very well may try, and I know there are a lot of scammers you may stumble upon. What I really want is for you, the potential client, to know that no matter who you chose, me or someone else I want you to choose someone who is ethical and “real”. 
Even though they are not me they do reflect on me and my profession, as a whole. One bad seed can and does spoil the bunch so if this article has in anyway helped shed some light on how to choose an ethical and “real” psychic then I have done what I set out to do.
With love, 



  1. Awww, I thought you were gonna give us some validating exercises! LOL - great article, though, and SOOOO true! I never know how to answer that question - 'yes' just seems trite!

  2. LOL ya know after I posted it I realized that it may come off that way! Maybe its a good thing maybe this way more people will read it LOL I know shameless of me huh?
    I know right .. like ummm a real psychic will say yes and a scammer will say yes. There is no way to answer that question without all the detail in this article! Now when asked I can just send the link LOL
    Nathara I will tell you that YOU my love are an incredibly gifted advisor!
    Anyone reading this that wants to try someone else - give her a try - she's a real gem!


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