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Monday, July 12, 2010

All About Scrying Mirrors

Scrying is a from of divination. Scrying is done using translucent or luminescent substances such as glass, stones, crystals, smoke, fire, water, or mirrors.
Scrying mirrors are not actually mirrors at all but glass that has been painted black so it becomes reflective yet still transparent at the same time. 
There is a very specific way in which a scrying mirror is made but the most important element of making a scrying mirror is that it should be done under moonlight, preferably under a full moon. The mirror captures the moon’s rays and the power of the moon itself. Scrying mirrors can be purchased all over the Internet and in some Wicca shops however making one for your own personal use is always best as you can attune it to your own energy. Anything of the craft (Wicca) that you can make yourself will always be more in tune with your energy and therefore more powerful for your use. 
Once made no one but the person to use the mirror should look in it as it is considered bad luck and to capture that person’s essence. You want to keep your mirror tucked away or covered if you hang it on the wall. I have a beautiful sarong I use to cover mine and have put a beautiful curtain rod in front of my mirror so that I can “reveal” my mirror by opening the “curtain” for each use. 
For me, the making of a scrying mirror begins in the selection of the frame itself. I like to find old and unusual frames in second hand stores, or vintage shops. You just want to be sure that the frame has positive energy or that you give it a good cleansing using sage or a smudge stick before use.

You can also buy any fame from a store that you like. The frame should be one that personally calls to you that you find to be pretty or have good energy to it.
Then I like to find a good rod to hold my mirror cover - then finding the cover is the next enjoyable step. The sarong I use came from a visit to Costa Rica many years ago. You can use anything that is appealing to you and if you want find a nice cover to match your frame. 
 Once you have these elements selected its time to collect the items you will need to make your mirror.
Its quite simple, buy a can of black paint - in a spray can. It can be matte or high gloss its more of a preference than any set rule on this.
Windex or a natural glass cleaner - I prefer using lemon juice.
Thats it. Thats all you need.
Set the glass from inside your frame on the newspaper to protect the surface beneath.
This should be done outside under the moonlight again preferably under a full moon.
Sit for a moment and focus on the power of the moon.
Giving thanks to the moon ask for it to release its powers into your glass.
Now begin to paint the glass all the while focusing on the power of the moonlight.
You will want to repeat the spraying process several times to be sure you have a good thick coating of paint on your glass. Allow for it to dry in between applications. 
Once you have a good thick coating of paint on your glass it is now a mirror - a scrying mirror! 
You will want to do a simple consecration spell on your mirror before use. See this article for a simple consecration spell.  
This binds the mirror to you and allows for only positive energy to come from or go into the mirror. It is a means to bless the mirror and make sure that your visions are pure. 
In your consecration you may re-word it to anything you like to suit your needs and for the mirror itself. 
Now - it is an added step which many skip but I prefer to take the extra time to do this as it does improve the visions you will get from your mirror. The idea is that your mirror should hang slightly angled so what you can do is glue, or otherwise attach something to the bottom portion of the frame so that when you hang your mirror it angles back slightly. Another option is to buy a frame that already has “legs” on it or some sort of stand like an easel. 
Now that you have made your scrying mirror it is time to learn how to use it.
A dimly lit room is best.
If you want you may play music, burn incense, anything that gets you into a focused mode.
Relax and clear your mind. Do not force yourself to see anything and surely do not try to imagine what you may see. You want your visions to come to you not for you to ask for them. 
If you have a specific question to ask of your mirror you may do so once you are in a relaxed state and do not have several thoughts going around in your mind. 
Do not scry for more than 15 minutes at a time until you become used to the craft.
It may take several attempts before you begin to get visions and at first you may not get many at all. You have to become attuned to your mirror and your mirror has to become attuned to your energy as well. Respect should be shown to your mirror as a living object.
Once you begin to get visions you may see flutters of light, a foggy effect or even smoke like images. This is normal, as you become more masterful at scrying the effects seem to clear away to reveal images. These images can be symbolic, you will not get direct messages until you are a very advanced scryer and this can take years. It is an art and takes patience and practice. 
Make sure you log your discoveries, the images you see etc.
No two scyers are the same, what is symbolic of a trip for one could mean change to another. The best way to learn what the images mean for you is your log book. Make note of what you see and pay attention over the days and weeks to come. Make note if the images you saw happened to you or someone you know in your day to day life. Over time you will discover more and more about what the visions you get mean. 
This is not a craft for the impatient. This is a skill and ability developed slowly over time and only time and time itself will reveal to you the true power of scrying. 
If you feel you are making no progress at all you may want to try a different form of scrying perhaps using water, a crystal or other tool.
Happy scrying! 

NOTE: Added Aug 12, 2010 
Here is another great article on scrying! 
Scrying Mirror Activation by The Goblin Friend


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