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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Your Magical Wand

It is funny and interesting how some things I learned when I was young were so easily forgotten on the conscious level yet are still tucked away in there inside of me on the subconscious level. My great great grandmother taught me well, even if over time I tend to forget what I had learned! 

Not too long ago a good friend of mine and fellow wiccan asked me if I had a wand. Sweetheart that she is was thinking of what kind of gift she could get me. Anyway I had said to her “My wand is just really basic, wood from a tree.” or something like that. 
So while I was going through my book of shadows the other day there it was in black and white - all about wands! As I read over it I was amazing to see that my basic little witches wand was exactly what it was supposed to be! Here I was thinking of some wands I had seen before in shops - all decorated with gems, made from glass or metals, very elaborate and impressive to say the least - also very expensive! While my wand may not have a lot of the fancy glistening things adorning it these wands have what my wand has is even more valuable! My own imprint on it and a gift from nature! 
So if you are a witch, studying to be one or just want to have a little magical influence around you consider the following when looking for your wand.

Your magical wand should be a gift from the earth. It should be wood and from a tree. Never should you cut a limb or take from the tree yourself. Find the tree you would like to be gifted your wand from, look beneath it for a fallen limb, even if it is large you can always cut it down to the right size. Sometimes you may have to stalk the tree for its gift to you but just be patient. The right gift will be given. Once you find the limb you want to make your wand from take it and give thanks to the tree. Good trees for witches wands are: Ash, Hazel, Rowan, Oak and Willow but any wood will do.
Then you can begin to create your own magical wand! 
You may need to cut the wand to the right length and the length it should be is really up to you! mine is about one foot long. You may then sand your wand using a course sandpaper then a finer one until your wand is perfectly smooth. 
Once your wand is the shape, size and feel you wish it to be you can cover it in a mix of essential oils or beeswax. 

You may also decorate your wand if you want. Some ways you can decorate it include but are not limited to: Glitter, gem stones, string, beads, bells, feathers, herbs, leather, crystals, carving, copper. 
Once your wand is complete be sure you consecrate it! To consecrate your wand you will want to light some incense. Myrrh, patchouli and sandalwood are good choices.
Light a white candle. Have a bowl of both water and salt with you. Cover the wand with salt. Place your hand over the bowl. Visualize a white light leaving the palm of your hand and passing through the bowl taking from you and your wand all negativity. Then say: I dedicate this wand to serve only positive influences with salt and smoke I consecrate this wand. Let it serve me well. So mote it be. 
Remove the salt from the wand by shaking it off and pass it through the incense smoke. 
Sprinkle it with the water and pass through the flame of your candle. Your wand is now consecrated. Bear in mind this is a very basic consecration but is more than adequate for the consecration of any magical item! 
Then enjoy your wand! 

I am humbled that with all I think I know on the conscious level I still have so much to learn and or remember. As a practicing witch one would think I should know that a wand gifted to me from our mother earth is the most precious wand I could possess. But, like anyone in this society I am stimulated by things that are fancy and shiny! I have to thank my great great grandmother once again for shaking me up and waking me up to what I was taught and what lies in my subconscious! Also a thanks to my friend - who started the butterfly effect to lead me to this renewed awareness! 



  1. Love it! I've got three 'sticks' awaiting for their transformation - one of them a saguaro bone - maybe now's the time to do it! Brilliantly written, as always, Azz!

  2. Ohhhh how cool Nathara! Perhaps this is a sign! : )
    Would love to see pics when your done!

  3. Love the Post Azzrian. After our talk the other night when I said you had sparked another creative idea in me I had started to do some research myself and was checking your blog and just happen to see your post. I have one question for you. As you say to never take from the tree. What if you have a tree that you dearly loved, Unique from others of its kind, which has now died. Is it then ok to take from the tree before it is cut down? Before my poor tree died I actually had people I didnt know that would stop and take pics of it because of its uniqueness. People had never seen one form of its kind the way mine had. I truly had loved it.

  4. Excellent question! Yes if the tree is no longer alive it is fine to take from it just remember to still thank the tree for its gift. However since it is dead and its branches are probably brittle it may still be dropping gifts for you. Try doing a little ritual with it and ask for it to give you what it feels you need.
    You will have to send me a pic of the tree!

  5. The two tall twin pine tree's out front in my yard. the one has the huge round bumps going all the way up is the one I am speaking of. Thank you so much :)

  6. I will check it out next time I am over!


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