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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Simple Spell Work

Aside from BELIEF that your spell work will WORK there are some very simple steps to doing some basic casting. 

1. Be sure you have an intent for your spell work. Why are you performing it? Knowing your spells purpose is key.

2. Clearing your own aura and energy before performing a spell is important.

3. Cleansing your tools. Be sure you infuse any tools with positive energy before performing spell work.

Here are a few simple spells you can try on your own:

Expose the Truth Spell:

Burn enough Copal to permeate a room's aura. 
Anyone attempting to lie to you will give themselves away either by means of verbally admitting or through some action that permits you to recognize their lies. 
You can get copal on the web but here is a link for you - the stuff smells AMAZING too! 

Dream Message Spell 

To send a dream vision to someone

1. Determine the exact dream that needs to be transmitted in as much detail as possible.
2. At the new moon (we have one coming up June 12th) place a clear quartz crystal within a glass of spring water leaving it exposed to the new moon creating a lunar infused water. 
3. During the waxing moon (was it is getting fuller) dress your bed with clean white sheets and sprinkle the lunar water over them.
4. Place Yarrow, wormwood and thyme inside a muslin bag or tie in a sheer cloth.
5. Hold the herb packet in your hand and concentrate on the dream vision and person for whom the dream is intended. 
6. Place the packer within your pillow case as you go to sleep visualize the dream you would like to transmit! 
Here are the items you will need:


I did not link the crystal because this should be something you should pick out in person - not bought online. Finding a local shop that carries them is best however if you can not find them locally you can purchase online. 
Any herbs you have in your possession work perfectly! You need not buy them from a special shop - whatever you can find in your kitchen works just fine! 
The links provided are merely for your convenience and if you do not have these herbs locally as I know wormwood is not something my local grocery store carries. 

Enjoy practicing with these simple spells! I will add more at a later time.



  1. Thanks for the posts :) I love the dream spell, and I love working with herbs. I have lots and lots of herbs, but they are probably 2 or 3 years old. They've been enclosed in plastic bags and then inside cloth which is inside a wooden box. I'm sure if I were to crush them up, I may be able to get some of the scent into the air. Do you think these herbs would work, or would it be better to start over with fresh ones? From what I've studied about working with herbs, the 'scent' was the most important element of their usage. Do you agree with that, or have anything you would add?
    Thank you again! Blessed Be always!


  2. It sounds as if they were stored really well! As long as light and moisture did not get to them I would feel them to be more than adequate! SOME herbs do better with age! Again it sounds like you had them properly stored. The scent is important but the herbs themselves contain magical properties so its not all in the scent but the scent sure is lovely : )
    Take them out and burn some on a charcoal and see if they still seem fresh to you. As long as they are not musty and moldy I feel they will be perfectly fine! : )
    Thanks for asking I love to hear from readers! xox

  3. That is amazing. I don't know much about spell work, but you really explain it well.

  4. Keeping it simple is a good key to getting started - it really need not be all smoke and mirrors at first to have a healthy effect. In time you can add to your own book of spells and increase the complexity but even after 25 years plus of casting the simple ones for me are still good spells to work!
    : ) Enjoy!


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