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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rosemary and its Magical Uses

I grow rosemary every year, I can not do without it! Not only a wonderful herb for cooking and seasoning but a true Witches dream! 

Rosemary can be used in spells for love, protection, healing and to improve the mind. 

It can help you increase your memory function and is great to have the aroma of rosemary around you when studying or trying to learn something new! 
You can give someone a rosemary plant or a sachet to help them think of you.
You can burn rosemary in ritual work to help protect someone you love.
Great to use before travel as well! 
Putting a sachet of rosemary - especially when combined with lavender will guarantee you a restful nights sleep! 
If you make incense with Rosemary you can help increase your psychic abilities! 
Rosemary is good for cleansing and rinsing away negative energy.
Rosemary is also known to increase fertility.
My favorite use for Rosemary however is in spell work to release our inner child! 

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  1. I totally <3 rosemary. I had grown this little baby rosemary plant into a giant bush and I loved it, but had to leave it behind when we moved. Maybe I'll go pick up another one now. ;)

  2. Rosemary does seem to be a favorite of my readers, been getting several notes about it! A bush huh? Maybe I need to plant mine in a larger container! Does yours come back yearly?

  3. Even if not in the 'right' zone, if you find the right microclimate, rosemary can grow out of control without any coaxing. Mine is planted in Northern Virginia where the winters can be pretty harsh at times, and humidity levels tend to be very high year-round...

    Mine is planted on a northwest corner of the house where an overhang protects the roots from too much rain and it grows above a stone retaining wall... over the drive so there is a lot of reflected heat from the pavement...

    The 4- or 5 year-old bush needs to be hacked back to half it's size every year and I litererally have more than I know what to do with...and I love it!

  4. Ohhh thats right you were saying this to me in email! I need to follow this info and try it myself! We have harsh winers here in kansas too and it gets pretty sweltering in summer so maybe I will have the same luck!
    I know my sage bush is HUGE lol thanks for the info love!

  5. Mine never really 'died back' - even when it got snowed on that one time. Did fine in the monsoon rains and the sweltering heat - flowered several times a year and stayed green year round. Actually, out here in the desert it's often used as a decorative bush or hedge! I used to love making rosemary wreaths when it came time to cut back the bush - the house would smell so wonderful!

  6. I am going to give it a go here - plant some in a large area - see if they do the same for me if they had more room. As of now my rosemary is in a planter so I do not think it has had a chance to flourish as much. Ohhh I used to make dandelion chains as a child - I would love to make some our of rosemary!


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