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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Radiant Children

You may have heard of Indigo and Crystal children. 
Indigo children have been incarnating on Earth for around the last 100 or so years while Crystal children began to appear only since around the year 2000 or so.  
Indigos purpose is to take places as leaders in the world whereas Crystal children are highly attuned and powerful souls who worked more as a collective force for good on this earth.
Sometimes an Indigo will transform into a Crystal through a process of spiritual awakening and enlightenment. 
Unfortunately Indigos and Crystals arrived on this planet around a time where labels where being tossed around like beach balls at a rock concert. These labels were also largely created to explain the uncommon behaviors displayed by these very gifted children! We all know our society seeks to understand WHY people are the way they are and labels were created to explain the behaviors. Some of the labels assigned to these special children were ADHD and ADD. Often times these children were heavily medicated and lost their connection to their spiritual gifts. 
I urge all of you to research about Crystal and Indigo children further if you feel you are or know someone with these gifts! This topic has been covered well and there are multitudes of articles all over the web about them as well as a number of good books on the topic, however today I am writing about a new breed of children entering our world! This would be the next step on our evolutionary phase. 
Radiant Children:

 Most of these children are around 6 to 10 years of age and some may yet to be born.

What Radiant children have that the former crystal and indigo children do not is an acute awareness of how to utilize their gifts and rise about common misconceptions about who and what they are. Although still young in years these children will rise above their predecessors challenges of being labeled, forced to conform, and chastised for their unique gifts. They are more focused on how and when to use their gifts and who they can trust to exhibit them to or around. They are more cautious and much more curious about how to use their abilities. They are highly aware from a very young age just how different they are and they keep themselves a secret from their friends and at times even their family. They are highly intelligent and intuitive and will often times stop their parents in their tracks with their very accurate and astounding statements about the world, how it functions, people, their motivations etc. They make statements that no average child their age should know. They are inquisitive and seem to have a clear visions of what they want to be when they grow up beyond what an average child their age would normally consider. They do not want to be a super hero, but rather an alchemist. They do not want to be school teachers but rather they want to be researchers. They do not want to be an astronaut but rather they want to be an astrophysicist. 
These children are not geniuses or any more educated than other children. Most of these children have barely started Kindergarten. They are just on a much higher level of awareness. Perhaps they have picked more “big words” up from the Internet, television, etc and are more in-tune with what options are out there for them in the world but their comprehension of what these big words mean is far beyond their “years” in earth years.
They notice things other children do not, most of the time things adults do not. They will hear things and pick up on tones that we can not. They usually do not make grand statements about how they see, feel or hear things we do not asking if we see, hear or sense it to, rather, they just discuss it as if we should have also seen, felt or heard it. They are very matter of fact and do not seem to care if we are not at “their level” they are not as worried or fearful of their abilities. Generally they do not get on so well with other kids their age but they are not mischief makers or problem starters and they do not get picked on as much as they really just have little interest in children their own age. 
This can cause parents worry and concern. We all want out children to make friends and feel like they belong within our society but these children do not have a care in the world for the affairs of children. They are much more involved in the affairs of the adults in their lives. For this reason parents of these Radiant Children need to be aware of what they say, do, and how they act because even when the adults are not with full understanding of why they feel the things they feel, do the things they do or say the things they say - their children are! Actions always speak louder than words and the adults in the lives of these Radiant Children need to be on their toes or they may begin to feel their own children are calling them out when not using proper behaviors! 
Radiant Children are very forgiving and non-judgmental but still it can be an eye-opener when your own child seems to have a better understanding of you than you do yourself! 
Radiant Children see the bigger picture, look at the world from a cosmic one-ness and have a purity about them but not an innocence. They are well aware of the evils of this world and will conquer them one by one. They do not just say they want to but are making plans on when, where, how and why. They are in fact our world’s new “super-heros” and are coming into this world at light speed. 
They are the doers not just the thinkers, not just the feelers, not just the seers, but all of these things combined that will find a new path for our society, our world and our collective consciousness.
With all the talk about December 21st, 2012 (my daughter’s birthday by the way), these children are here among us now to assist us on a journey not toward doom and gloom but enlightenment and another way of existence! Yes they may “only” be children in our eyes, but these “children” are very old souls, direct descendants of our ancestors, once ascended to a higher plane of existence - recalled to this earth to guide us.
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  1. It's interesting to see the 'progression' in the groups of children that we're getting! Think we're headed somewhere? LOL


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