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Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Moon Magic

The New Moon is upon us this evening and with every new moon is the perfect time to set things into motion! A New Moon is time for action and forward moment on your dreams, goals and desires! This is the best time of the month to meditate and visualize on what it is you wish to achieve! There are many rituals you can do but it can be as simple as making a list, starting a journal, making a vision board, beginning a new hobby or educational course, etc. 
The New Moon is the birthing cycle of the moon’s phases so just like any beginning it is the perfect time for a fresh start! Time to put the past to rest and welcome in the change of new living energy! 
Plant a few seedlings of your own with positive and fluid intentions that move forward in a gentle and calming stream of joy! Set goals, manifest dreams, visualize the future you want to set into motion! Make plans, take action! 
Bear in mind though that the moon holds many of the world’s mysteries. Think about the power of the moon controlling our tides! All of my spell work is Moon Magic and deserves respect and honor! This is not a time to ask for selfish wishes but to manifest things that will bring your best interest in to full focus! Be sure your goals are not TOO overly defined! You want to leave some room for fate and destiny to come into play! Perhaps if you are wanting a new job you can ask for the best job for you to come your way instead of asking for a specific job. Instead of asking for that specific man to fall madly in love with you - you could ask for the best life mate for you to come into your life. Also be careful what you wish for! It very well may come true! 
This is the perfect time to make yourself a sacred space  - see Ms LisaM’s article on Finding Your Inner Goddess and her section of that article on your sacred space Finding Your Inner Goddess .
Find some time to relax and take a few deep breaths. 
Light some sage or a smudge stick to cleanse and purify your energy and that of the energy around you - the aura of the room.
Light a candle.
Do some deep breathing, meditation, visualization or focus.
Then begin to make your list or write in your journal or begin your vision board.
If this is your first time working with the new moon then starting with writing or a vision board is best.
Keep it simple and be sure to be clear about your wishes.
Then state your intention - such as - With this new moon I manifest a pure love that is healthy for me. Or - With this new moon I manifest a career path that will fulfill me.
Now remember nothing falls into your lap with no effort! Manifestation is only step one - then its time for action - again with the new moon it is the perfect time to begin sending out those resumes or starting to date again! Just remember that you have to take an active part in what you desire! 
Every new moon (each month) you should go back over your list, journal or vision board and redirect or reassess your intentions. Take time to ask yourself if you really did take action and were a participant in your desires. Take time to renew your goals, dreams and wishes with each new moon and congratulate yourself on goals achieved! Be sure to reward yourself even if in a very small way such as buying a few unnecessary items at the dollar store, your favorite bubble bath at bath and body works, or if you reach a big goal then get yourself a bigger reward! Chocolate truffles come to mind LOL.
This is spell work 101 and about as basic as it can get! 
Without all the bells and whistles which honestly are not all that necessary as long as your intentions are pure and you ask for what is best for self then act upon those things! 
With love



  1. Awesome suggestions and reminders - I'm gonna take a couple of tips and keep it simply tonight! Thank you!

  2. Thanks Nathara! Sometimes simple is best and just what we need! : )
    I'm keeping it simple myself : )


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