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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Update July 1, 2010 - Well I heard back and here is what they said:

"Thanks for contacting Groupon!
Since we only feature one business a day, our schedule is carefully constructed to highlight a variety of business types, locations, sizes, and price-points. At this time, we don't see an opportunity to feature your business.
We have your information on file, and if it's OK with you, we'll be in touch if an opportunity arises in the future."

I think it was very nice of them to reply so quickly and I appreciate it a lot. It doesn't look like I will be having any special offers on there at this time but was worth a shot! 

Also for some reason comments are not showing up today - I have had this issue before with Blogger and usually the problem fixes in a day or two.


Posted June 30th, 2010
So I am going to try joining this site called Groupon.com
Looks interesting and people are really buzzing about it!
I may even decide to run a special for my own site on there as well.
I am curious if any of you have used this site, heard of it, have experiences you would like to share etc.
A friend of mine, Niloo told me about it (thanks Niloo) and I finally got around to checking it out.
I really have to say its taking the Internet by storm and is the next big thing in social marketing if not already the big thing lol.
I have send in an inquiry to see if they would allow little ol me to run a special on there myself so I am dying to hear back!
If anyone reading this has used them as a consumer or an advertiser send me an email at azzrian@cox.net or even post a comment here to share with everyone!
If you want to check groupon out please use my referrer link - LOL - I don't know what I get for referring anyone BUT may as well click here to check it out and if you do decide to join I can let you know what I got from it! 



  1. Hey Love,

    Yes, I use Groupon as a consumer and I like it. It can get out of hand a bit for there are many deals, but its cool. I actually got a groupon that I missed for a dance studio and purchased it second hand on Craigslist!:)

    Be careful though to make the deal viable for you, because I have read an article about restaurants being hurt by providing too big of a discount.

    Good luck! xoxo

  2. Thank you for your feedback on Groupon! It is very helpful insight.
    Thats pretty cool about craigslist reselling an item from Groupon!
    Unfortunately groupon turned me down for now lol but perhaps one day.


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