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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Good Question regarding a previous post!

Regarding my Article:

The Dangers of Predictions 

Article here: The Dangers of Predictions

a wonderful client of mine asked:
Anonymous said...

Hi Azz, so what I'm gathering from this is that Its ok to check if your on the right path or not but should leave somethings for the universe? Like specific questions on certain situations you have mentioned? You know i always follow your guidence and advice..Like I was in a dilemma if I should stay here or go somewhere else but felt calmer and relaxed after your reading that i am on the right path..But the umlimate dicision was mine to stay..I mean if i decided to leave that doesn't mean your prediction about my path was wrong but i could have changed it..Is that what you mean? I ask Because I always have faith in your advice and guidence..

Thank you

My response was a bit long so blogger was not allowing me to publish it in the comments section so I am posting it here:

Well to begin with I do not mean to imply that myself or another advisor would never be wrong. To say that I am NEVER wrong would be very egotistical of myself and just an outright lie. Every intuitive/psychic IS wrong at times. It happens. Usually due to misinterpretation of the messages. However I do pride myself on accuracy and my clients have been happy with my accuracy it is just plain WRONG of ANY psychic to say they are 100% accurate. If you hear a psychic claim 99-100% accuracy RUN as fast as you can! 80-90% accuracy is very very good and about as accurate as any psychic can get due to free will of their clients and just plain reading the situation incorrectly at times. So no, its not ALWAYS the clients fault or doing. BUT yes ultimate choices are up to the person getting the reading so if your advisor, myself or someone else says for example that if you stay you will not be happy in the long run but you decide to do so anyway yes that would be due to a personal choice. And yes sometimes your advisor will be accurate and you may be on exactly the right path in that moment, BUT outside circumstances can and do at times change the course of things. Usually though these changes occur in the small details not in the overall picture which is why getting reads on the big picture is better than asking specific things like will he call, when will I see him etc. I like to use the following example: Client "Joan" asks: "Where and when will I meet him?". I see in my visions and therefore tell Joan that I see she will meet the man of her dreams in a public place tomorrow! Now what we did not know was that Joan had some old library books in her car. She had every intention to take back those old library books that have been sitting in her car for months now and she has every plan to get to that library today and return those long over due books! So Joan goes out about her day, goes to work, gets off a little late, and realizes she is out of coffee, she decides to run to the store to get coffee, she does this and remembers the books, looking at her watch she realizes she had promised to visit her grandmother too that day, its getting late and the library closes at a certain time, grandmother goes to bed early, and she really needs to get home to make dinner for her kids. Now Joan has a choice - go visit grandma or get to the library. Either choice changes her circumstances, she really should visit her ailing grandmother, yet she really has a responsibility to return those books too! Grandma is on one end of town and the library the other. Joan decides she had best go visit grandma, as those books have waited this long, one more day won't hurt anything. So Joan does the right thing, enjoys time with her grandmother and the books wait for another day. In the mean time, the man she was "meant" to meet - the possible love of her life, has been to the library and is sitting right in her favorite book section all alone. Now of course Joan is NOT going to meet Mr Perfect today, and she may get disappointed as nothing happened, no Mr Wonderful and again she goes home to the kids, feeds them, puts them to bed, and spends her evening yet again alone. Joan becomes very disheartened and does not trust in her advisor or believe she will EVER meet a man for her. She becomes despondent and her empowerment fades and basically decides she is going to simply be alone forever. All because of one little thing that changed in her life path. Was it the end of the world? Nope and she could run into this very same guy in the very same place as they have something in common, the love of the same literature! OR maybe they would meet at a coffee shop! Or maybe here or there or anywhere but when we ask such pointed questions we leave ourselves closed off to the other possible outcomes due to our own free will and that of the other person as well. It is so much better for the client to hear you will meet this man during the months of may - july rather than tomorrow or next week because we develop expectation that is not realistic to the laws of the universe or the laws of free will. So basically the moral of the article is to not pigeon hole ourselves to such exact expectations because we can really end up hurting our path more than helping it. I hope that answers your question love and if not PLEASE feel free to ask again perhaps I misunderstood the nature of your question but I am here to help! I never mind responding! Love Azz



  1. Thank you Azz, :) I feel blessed and lucky to have you as a guide. I always believe that our life is in our hands and also I agree with you when you said sometimes when we go through a hard time its meant to be. Last year was the worst year of my life and I kept wondering why it was happening to me and what have I done to deserve all this. BUT today I'm glad all that happened because of the lessons I learned and they made me stronger as a person. And most importantly it led me to you :)

  2. Thank you SO much for sharing that love! People need to know IT DOES get better!

  3. A great article and a great follow up! This is such a good point to make - that even small changes can alter your entire life. So many times in readings, I see that people aren't in their permanent situations or end situations yet, but are in the places that they need to be in that moment. So often they aren't with Mr Right, but they're with the person they need to be right now, or the job they need to be in, or town, or... or... or!!!

  4. Exactly Nathara! Thank you! It is so true that we may NEED to be in the moment heck sometimes even in a place that is NOT good for us. Again I never want a woman to stay in an ABUSIVE relationship BUT perhaps her "lesson" in that time of her life is about empowerment and to GET OUT!
    Thank you Nathara for reading and responding!
    Love to you


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