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Monday, June 7, 2010

The Fool

Oh the fool, we have all been here a time or two - for some - like myself - perhaps more often. This just happens to be my absolute favorite card of the tarot. Why? Because the fool is an absolute beginner! He / She has no fear and no worry. Taking a leap of faith on an unknown path with a devil may care attitude. The road before them is unmapped and all brand new. Yes in the traditional sense this card indicates many negatives such as fool hearty, lack of direction, ignorance, unknowing, etc and so on, however this card has many positives as well. As they say - Ignorance is bliss, and it is oh so true of the Fool. Usually (almost 100% of the time) when this card is drawn it represents the Querent - the person who is getting the reading or who the reading is for.

The Fool is child-like sometimes too trusting however there is a wisdom in those eyes - one that knows they must start a new path or undertaking as the old one is worn out and has not been effective. This card symbolizes innocence lost and regained. Yes the querent can be a bit in a rush or overly optimistic which can lead to a bit of trouble, however how often does one get to make a brand new start and isn't it fun to be in that child-like state again even if only every now and then?

The Fool can come up in a time of new love, a career change, a move or whenever a new beginning is in order. The Fool can come up before or in the midst of such change.

Just be careful however when the Fool presents himself in your reading that you are being cautious as often times he does present when you are rushing head on into a bad situation. Be sure you are not too busy day dreaming or chasing the butterflies to take notice that sometimes the lamb is really a wolf in sheep's clothing!

Sometimes however and in the best of times the Fool can be a reminder to go out and explore and enjoy the world around you and not to take life so seriously! Unlock a few doors, open up the proverbial closet and show yourself, no secret is really all that dark that you can't let some light shine through the cracks!
Smell the roses, be aware and look around you and take in the view! Dance in the moonlight, go skinny dipping, do what you wish. Just be sure no one has the camera rolling so you don't end up on YouTube!

Have fun oh Fool Hearty People! Breath in life!

The Fool Card from The Fey Tarot (my personal favorite)
written by Riccardo Minetti Artwork by Mara Aghem



  1. Wow I really like this card lol.. cos it reminds me of that child inside of me that holds me back from moving on, always wearing my heart on my sleeve (the fool) love Theresa xxx

  2. LOL yes the child inside all of us! xoxo


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