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Monday, June 7, 2010

Do You Need a Psychic or a Life Coach?

Sometimes we just need a quick run down of things.

Other times we really need someone who is more or less on call for us and there by our side for life’s little twists and turns.

Sometimes we are dealing with a transformational situation in our lives and other times we simply just want to do a check up on things. 

As intuitives, empaths, remote viewers, tarot card readers etc. - all lumped into the term “psychic” become more readily available via the internet, local shops and the lady next door, I find more and more people are turning to their advisors more repeatedly than in days gone by. “Back in the day” it used to be that a person may only get one big reading per year, or every six months, almost like a check up with your physician. However more often than ever people are checking in with their advisor on a weekly basis. Now while I am not one to say it is good for a person to seek guidance so often, sometimes it is necessary to have someone lending a gifted ear to help you with the subtle nuances of life. When friends and family have become exhausted, overwhelmed, or burnt out or you simply have no one you can trust, your advisor is there - however, I have also found there is a fine line between being an advisor versus a life coach. Now granted Life Coaches have specialized training or have taken additional courses, are certified or not, there is a bit more to learn about being a life coach in the “traditional” sense than just being born gifted or honing your psychic skills. Regardless this article is to help you both understand the difference between what a spiritual advisor (ie psychic, reader, intuitive, advisor, etc) does and what a Life Coach does and which you really need! 
Knowing that your “psychic” very well may also be a life coach the manner in which you utilize them is different. 
Here are some of the common things you should expect from your psychic advisor regardless of their specific gifts and talents: 

Your psychic advisor may or may not offer timelines and predictions, they will give you readings as you need them but not invest time daily to exchange emails, chit chat, texts, instant messages etc. Your psychic advisor is there to give you readings but not to be your source of on going empowerment. Your psychic is a pay per use situation, you need a reading, you make a payment, they provide the service you need and hopefully accurate and trustworthy service at that! 
When asked your psychic may offer advice based on experience or their guides, intuition, etc but usually would refrain from advise unless asked for it. Your psychic advisor is less attached to your needs and is going to generally be more direct and tell you what it is they see not necessarily dig into your psyche and go over and over things with you looking at the myriad of options you face and obstacles that will challenge you. They tend to be more of a delivery service than an emotional support service. Now granted myself and many other psychic advisors give a lot of attention and detail to their clients feelings, needs, and emotions however one should not automatically expect this from a psychic / reader / advisor. What I view that as is good customer service and having a caring nature however being only one person I can obviously only extend myself so far and to be as bold as to speak for other advisors I have to say that most of us suffer from burn out at times due to trying to spread our energy too thin in helping others beyond what our role is. 

A good psychic advisor will offer clarity if their reading has left you confused or you simply do not understand the way in which they communicated their messages to you. A psychic can clear themselves of your energy after doing your reading thus giving them focus for doing other readings, granted one can only do so many reads per day before suffering that psychic burn out BUT they can in fact release your energy and move on to other things be that professional or personal.

Your psychic will tend to remain less attached to you personally and your situation because honestly it is necessary to remain a good advisor for you! Becoming personally attached can fog one’s visions, predictions, timelines etc and while it may SOUND uncaring for me to say that a psychic remains less attached to you it is in fact for your own good. 
Now on the other hand we have your Life Coach - I refer to my life coaching as Soul Cleansing because it is not just coaching from a therapeutic sense but also a spiritual process of enlightenment, awakening, balancing, grounding and also includes psychic input! 

From your Life Coach you can also expect timelines and predictions and readings if that is the course of action you have established and if your life coach is also psychic because clearly not all life coaches are. 

Your life coach is there for you on an on going sometimes daily basis if that is what you and he or she have established depending on your current needs. Your life coach will read your emails even if long and taking of their time and energy - this is what your service is paid to do. Of course every life coach will have their specific draft of services based on your needs but unlike your psychic or reader they are much more in tune to your needs, situation and going to be more readily available to you on an ongoing basis. Your life coach gives perspective, advice, direction and at times opinions along with their intuitive perceptions should they be gifted in that manner. They may including your plan of action some readings, exercises (I am big on exercises) and a mix of chat, email and phone services instead of you selecting just one or the other. I including in my soul cleanings when needed, reiki, chakra work, aura cleansing and other energy work as needed. 

Your life coach does not clear their energy of you after ever session as it is not necessary as they know they are going to need to stay in touch with your energy - I am speaking now from the perspective of being a intuitive life coach myself, while those who are not psychically gifted need not worry about this. But personally I do not cleanse my energy after every session with you as you may need me more often and it is good to keep in touch with your energy. 
Your life coach will in fact take more time for you and prioritize you above other clients who may not have as immediate of a need and those who have not yet hired for his or her services. I know that I will always prioritize my life coaching clients and NOT take on new clients or do too many readings knowing I must reserve my energy for my life coaching clientele. Your life coach is in fact more personally invested in you as a person and as a reader. 
The difference in fees is clear as your reader simply charges you per session and of course while your life coach can do this as well most of us tend to set monthly fees that encompass all of your needs at the time of setting up your coaching plan. Yes it is more expensive to have a life coach however if it is what you need in the long run you will spend far less than you would if you do not have a pre-set plan and find yourself getting daily readings from your advisor! 
One of the reasons this article has been brought to my attention as a need for writing and posting is because myself and a fellow expert and my BFF lol Ms LisaM were discussing this very topic and how we feel badly when some emails sit in our inbox for a few days at a time. We would simply LOVE to be able to get back to every single client immediately however it simply is NOT possible. Aside from our energy having its realistic limitations and time in a day is only 24 hours lol, having kids, doctor appts and everything like any other person, we simply can not get back to everyone in a timely manner. Now I certainly do not wish to sound like I am complaining because every single person I read for is VERY important to me and to Lisa too - however more often than not getting a multi paragraph email from a client as an “update” or an “I do not need a reading but .....” does tend to be the type of emails that will sit awhile. Why? Because it is simply impossible to give clear, accurate and detailed readings for those who DO need them if our energy is spent tapping into the energy of those who do not. Now let me clarify that statement. Empaths, intuitives, etc can not simply sit back and read a long update or email without tapping in! Tapping in is part of our core essence, our nature, and if we could do that then we could zip through an email in no time flat, think oh okay and move on but then we would not be very good advisors now would we? We NEED to tap in - its what we DO.  However honestly when a client emails with an update they surely want our focus, and feedback even if only a one paragraph email saying “your on the right track”, “wait you may want to consider a fresh reading on this” or something of the sort. Saying “thanks for the update have a nice day” really is not the response most people wish for. So as for me, I will put those emails aside and focus on those who really are in a clinch or really do want a reading or more so those who are a life coaching client or on a retainer for readings because and to be quite blunt - they have already paid for it - they deserve it. Sorry if that sounds rude or as if I am only in it “for the money” but the truth is if you had paid up front for services and knew I was sitting here reading over email after email from people who are really doing just fine but wanted to “run something by me” you would be a bit upset about that. I know I would. 
Again I would like to help everyone every day every moment of the day if only it were humanly possible but your life coach IS like that or in my opinion should be! Well okay within reason of course, I mean they have to have a life too or you will have one cranky life coach! 
So in a nut shell if you are walking that fine line of needing psychic insight and wanting something a bit more all inclusive I can not stress enough how much you may want to ask your advisor if they offer any kind of package arrangements. Maybe you do not care for the “life coaching, empowerment, exercise, lets work on you” thing. Thats fine too. Most advisors offer package arrangements just on readings but if you are getting multiple readings from your advisor every month you really should consider the overall savings of asking about life coaching and if not at least packaged readings! Also please see my archived blog article on psychic hopping and mixed signals! 

Well I do hope that clears some confusion on what a psychic versus a life coach can offer. Feel free to make comments or ask questions! 


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