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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Dangers of Predictions

Alright so as an advisor I do offer timelines and predictions and while I offer these I do so with many reservations.
First of all as we know nothing is set in stone and if everything were then what a boring existence we would live! 
We also know that our own actions can change any outcome or even lack of actions.
We know that situations can change, other people influence outcomes etc.
Predictions can be made on current trends or if a person effects change by taking the advice of their reader.
All of this aside there are other reasons why predictions can be “dangerous” 
First of all life is a gift and we should perhaps consider that the challenges we face, the little surprises along the way be them good or bad are part of our path - a path we were meant to walk not to avoid or try to alter. We are meant to experience great pleasure and great pain in our life in order to grow as a spiritual being. With predictions at times we can eliminate or avoid such conflicts and challenges. So then when we do that what do we learn? 
It is difficult at times to see a client in a very painful situation however by that same token if they are “supposed” to be in that situation for their spiritual development who am I to guide them away from it? In these cases I like to tell the person that while they are enduring great suffering that this is the path they are meant to be on. Now I am not speaking of a woman in an abusive relationship or anything like this because I say if you are being abused GET OUT! No one should endure being battered!  Sometimes however we need to face certain struggles in our path in order to become stronger, to learn, grow and develop as human beings and as spiritual beings.
Predictions can be dangerous when it causes a person to change their path or give up on a path that would have otherwise lead to great outcomes! Sometimes we have to get through some muck to get to the pot of gold because the pot of gold does not always reside at the end of a rainbow! 
As an intuitive, empath and so on I can see outcomes of situations but I am obviously not God and therefore can not see every single possible tributary running off from your main path. If looking at a job situation for example the guides and my intuition show me  that you would NOT be happy at a certain place of employment and therefore you decide not to apply we have to consider what you may miss DUE to not applying and getting the job! What IF you would have met the man of your dreams there? What if through that job you were offered the PERFECT job for you? What if this and what if that are questions we COME to an advisor for yet by getting these readings you also have to consider WHAT IF one choice affects another outcome you would have wished for?
Its the butterfly affect - one thing affects the next which affects the next and so on. 

Alright so maybe now you are even more confused! Should you ask for predictions or not? Are they going to be accurate or not? First of all I do not toss out predictions I am not very sure of beyond your own free will getting in the way which I will tell you if I see that as well - however when you ask for a prediction perhaps stop first for a moment and consider - “is this really a prediction I need? Am I being greedy with fate? Am I being controlling or obsessive of my own path?” I mean sure we all want to be in control of our own path but to some degree the joy of life is the mystery and surprise! What could be around that next corner? Where is it all going? To really live life means to put a little stock in faith and the universe and let go and let God! 
When approaching readings perhaps use them more as a guide not gospel - this is how I view the readings I get from my advisor! *no I do not read for myself - I am too biased lol*  I try to steer away from overall generalities or even direct predictions. Things NOT to ask:
Where will I meet him?
What is his name?
What will she do for a living?
Will she call this weekend?
Okay lets look at WHY not to ask these things:
Where will I meet him? 
Okay what if I tell you you will meet him at a place called Foster’s and you happen to know a bar called Foster’s and you think “oh cool I am headed to that club this weekend! I am sure to meet him there!” But lo and behold it was actually on Foster street and you were standing there looking for a shop and this great looking amazing guy bumps into you and instead of going "OMG its HIM" you go “get the hell out of my way bozo!” Yes I used the word bozo. 
Okay accurate yes, specific enough for our interpretation and imagination NOPE! 
The fact is WHERE you meet a person is not important - leave some mystery in your life.
What is his name? 
I get names at times from my guides, sometimes name sounds, sometimes first sometimes last sometimes this sometimes that. I have no problem telling a client if and when I get them but sometimes it does make me cringe. What if his MIDDLE name is John and and he only introduces himself by his first name or worse yet what his buddies call him!? Look we usually get only one chance to catch that fleeting moment and to make that first impression, why mess it up by TRYING so hard to find the right person and make that first impression? Just be yourself wherever you are and your first impression will be fine for the right person for you! When we look too hard for specifics we only alter the outcome, change the way we behave, have exceptions that may not align perfectly with reality etc.
What does she do for a living? Alright this one is REALLY tricky! Energy does not read like a book I tell ya. I may get what she LOVES to do not what she HAS to do. I may get a hobby, a second job she is working to pay off college tuition, I mean what a person DOES is not just what their occupation is and yes at times I can nail an exact occupation but let me be frank, the more specific info you ask the the more room for error! Sometimes we are not SUPPOSED to know some things! We are messing around in our own life path, tempting fate, the moment we do we can alter things! Being too nosy in our own pathway can hurt us more than help us if we push too hard to see the whole picture! Readings are for direction, guidance, assistance, and to be sure we are on a path that is beneficial to us and as accurate as I am as a psychic I always cringe when people begin to push too far into what SHOULD be mysterious and exciting and “unknown”. NOT because I do not trust my guides or my intuition but because sometimes people want such direct answers that anything but what they want to hear is not acceptable. These people should not be getting readings - sorry. I mean honestly if a woman walks up to you who is your absolutely idea of perfection and later tells you that she works in a sewage dump are you going to dump her? Really? Hummm if so umm okay your dilemma.  I mean yes I understand that career paths, having goals etc is a good thing a quality we all want in a mate usually, but really if your soul mate comes along you will NOT care what they DO. Trust me on this! 
Will she call this weekend? Okay aside from taking all the zest out of a new romance and I am not talking about those troubled ones where he or she promised to call time and again and never does - but new budding romance - etc ... lets not worry about will they or when they will but lets focus on what you can do to enforce a healthy growing relationship. What if they PLANNED to call but then in the mean time got a call from their father and their grandmother is on her death bed and therefor does not call you? Okay okay first of all don’t ask me if I should have seen that coming - seriously unless you ask about grandma I am not tapping into grandma’s energy and perhaps grandma was perfectly in good health till she fell and could not get up! Sorry to be crass but how many times when getting a love and romance reading did you ask your advisor to look at every person she knows, every person she is related to, her boss, her lawyer you name it? I bet you didn’t think to ask of that and honestly if you did your reading would cost a fortune as it would be the ONLY reading I could do that day - possibly for a few days! Whew that would tap me OUT! The point is WILL she call would be in her intention and that YES I CAN read on but what if she doesn’t? Okay now your upset with me or whoever advised you AND your angry with her (or him). So you go out and sleep with her best friend and totally sabotage the relationship. Okay that is drastic and you probably would not do that although I know some people who would lol. Point is - what YOU do effects everything as much as what he or she does or does not do. ASking such direct questions an and will at times muck it all up. 
Alright now I will step off the soap box. Point is yes you can ask such things and yes I will answer and a LARGE percent of the time I will be dead on accurate. Thats great and wonderful and I do love giving timelines and predictions etc. I have absolutely NO issue with it other than sometimes I do cringe because more often than not by doing so I can also feel that tingling sensation from my guides and the universe that says
“you gave too much info - just enough for your client to go out and change it all.” 
If you have ever got a reading from me or someone else and they said something then said to you - “remember you have to be cautious of your own actions” or something of that sort, then you can pretty much assume at that point that the guides were telling us as advisors to SHUT UP! 
Unfortunately that message comes loud and clear but usually after the info has already spewed out of us lol its a curse - info comes so fast and furious at times in this flow like a rushing river that it can’t be stopped in time. But then again you as the client can take power of your reading and only ask what you REALLY want - better yet - NEED to know! 
I certainly do not make this post as a means to confuse or worry my clients. I know that you all count on me and depend on me for accuracy. I just like to spread a little logic now and then when it comes to psychic readings because we do (as humans) have growing exceptions on what a reader should be able to offer for us and unfortunately more often than not it is due to charlatans who will spew out anything just to keep you paying! 
Once upon a time (no this is not a new article) clients would come into the reader (usually in someone’s home or a shop) and sit down. The reader would focus on the energy or spread the tarot cards. Then the reader would proceed to give the reading. No questions, no expectations, just what the universe, their guides. their intuition or their cards had to offer. Then at the end of the reading there was a time for the client to ask a few questions usually pertaining to the information already given. More often than not those readings were the best because the client got the message they TRULY needed to get. They got what was important in the now and for the future. They got a little road map to help them along their pathway but they were not given so much detailed info that they could mess their own path up! 
See what is cool about that is that it works! 
Again I do not mind one iota giving readings based on specific questions and yes the times they have changed. Just consider however if you will - for a while - what kind of reading you need more so than the kind you may want. I bet you anything if you give this method a try a few times you will find yourself far more happy with your readings and your life path. 
With respect and love for all my clients


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