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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Actually No, I didn’t see that coming!

Often times clients have the idea that a psychic’s gifts are endless. We do have limitations. Especially when it comes to our own personal lives. I have even seen other psychics misunderstand these limitations. A lot of psychic experts have a huge ego and live in God Mode thinking they are impervious to personal stress due to their abilities. Recently when there was a work related issue around a site I work on that sprung up a couple of these God Mode experts where suggesting since we are all psychics we should have KNOWN it was coming! I could not help but laugh at their ignorance and their bravado! And these are fellow intuitives here I am speaking of. If other intuitives themselves think they know it all then why shouldn’t clients think we should “know it all”! 
The truth is when you are gifted with abilities to foresee things, predict things, and read things you are also protected from seeing many things for self. A lot of my clients over the years have said they wish they had the intuition I do. I can see their reasoning for this but it is not all its cracked up to be! Just because I have a very strong intuition does not mean it really helps me personally hat much. What I can do for my clients is far above what I can do for myself. Yes I have strong gut feelings and as any person sometimes I follow them and sometimes I do not. Be that because I want to be in denial of my own circumstances, because I am too lazy to listen to those gut feelings, or because I am too distracted - sometimes I just do not heed the messages! Other times I do not GET any messages for myself! Why? Because I too like any human walking this earth am SUPPOSED to survive hardship! Yes that is the whole point of living - the joys and the struggles! Without both our lives have no purpose and no meaning! If everything was predictable and set in stone no one would learn a damn thing - that includes me. 
So just because I can get messages and pass those messages on does not mean I am supposed to always foresee difficulty or avoid conflict in my own life. Sometimes I am SUPPOSED to have a hard life, just like anyone else. 
Trust me if any psychic were given the extreme ability to avoid ALL life’s hardships I guarantee every single one of us WOULD! It is human nature to want to have the easy path in life. So when other experts or clients say things like “if you are a real psychic you would have seen it coming” I have to laugh. If I were able to see EVERYTHING coming I not only would not be human - I would be God! 
The universe has so many lessons of tragedy and harmony for us to embrace and learn. Just recently I had something pretty traumatic happen to someone I love but lo and behold there was a silver lining that came out of it and had the “bad” thing not happened the good thing never could have too - had I seen the bad thing coming I would have stopped it and hence then stopped the good thing! 
It all happens for a reason and when I do not get the messages for myself or do not heed them I have to understand there is a reason WHY.
Even with the conflict on the site I work on outside of my personal business here there has been a silver lining to that as well.
All negatives have a positive at some point and time and I am thankful to the universe and my higher power that I am NOT allowed to see everything when it comes to myself. 
For that matter sometimes even for my clients I am not allowed to see everything they wish for me to see for that same reason. If we know TOO much of our future we change the outcome and that is not always in our favor! We do want to change many outcomes and having some insight can help that but trust me if we are not meant to change our path or have an outcome my guides will NOT give us those answers. We have to accept we are not all knowing and are not supposed to be. 
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  1. Bravo Azz! Love ya hun! :D

  2. WOW AZZ! that was fantastic post you put out to your followers - its trying to understand 'Free Will' - it always comes back to that! you couldn't have explained it better.. always a pleasure to read your blog Azz.. I learn something new everytime, all my love Theresa xxx

  3. Thanks Theresa!! I appreciate the support you have given me on my articles!

  4. Very cool post, dear Azz! I can see what you are saying about not being able to see everything for yourself and that being a blessing in disguise.

    Keep following your heart! xoxoxo


  5. Thanks for your post! Yes it is a blessing in disguise at times.


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