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Friday, May 21, 2010

Why are YOU here? Check your sign to see!

 I have written the article below to sum each sign up in a few sentences. Of course no one individual is this simplistic and even any number of people sharing the same sun sign vary drastically. However I wanted to write the core of each signs essence. So here it is: 

Aries - I am here for the thrills and to lead others into excitement! Be ready for fun and don’t hold me back, follow or stay behind it may be a bumpy ride! I am a puzzle unraveling puzzles as I go along!
Taurus -  I am here to make plans and build a very successful life. I find pleasure in the reality of things and do not tend to day dream! I like facts and desire to have sublime happiness in having a strong purpose. 
Gemini - I am here to experience everything I possibly can as fast as I can. I won’t look behind me for too long so try to keep up. As you are saying what is on your mind I am already in action to make it happen. 
Cancer - I am here to see things in my own true light not to agree with yours. I am quiet and I am slow to make decisions but the ones I will make are the best for myself and my own truth.
Leo - I am here to see how much I can do for myself and what you can do for me. I like options and do not like to set my feet too firmly on the ground until I am ready. Do not push me to do so as I will only rebel.
Virgo - I am here to love and be loved. I am complex and at times complicated but if you can peel all the layers back you will be richly rewarded. I do expect however that you invest in me mentally, physically and emotionally to do so. 
Libra - I am here to strike a balance and live an easy and uncomplicated life. I may not always have it but I am always evolving to develop the ability. Great failures may bring me down but the great successes will always lift me back up. 
Scorpio - I am here to resist against opposition and to triumph. Passion and desire fuel my energy for finding great happiness. I funnel my internal wisdom to lead my way to the best path for myself. It is wise to stay on my good side as I do not usually forgive. 
Sagittarius - I am here to live a peaceful and serene life. I like to have fun and be around friends but sometimes I tend to just want to be alone and reflect. Don’t try to figure me out or get too far inside my head.
Capricorn - I am here to build a strong foundation. I do not like to be put into a corner or forced to make change. I am a hard worker and find pleasure in family and home. I expect those in my life to aid in that not distract from it. 
Aquarius - I am here to unravel the mysteries of life and explore! I am elusive at times and am hard to follow as my paths do not always lead in a straight direction. I frequently wander but I am not lost. I am on my own journey of discovery. 
Pisces - I am here to dream the dream and live the dream. I strive to turn my fantasies into realities. I wish to connect with people and places and never feel alone. I am diverse, a trendsetter, I am sensitive and loving. I am trusting and easily hurt. Sometimes my fantasies are better than realities of life. 



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