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Friday, May 28, 2010


We are all dandelions on this earth. 
We work hard to grow and become who we are.
Sometimes we feel that life is against us.
Sometimes others try to take away our empowerment.
Sometimes we feel as though we are treated like weeds.
This is why I love the dandelion. 
Dandelions are strong and no matter how many times one may try to weed them down, 
They just keep growing! 
These photos are of my mother and myself when I was a child. 


While I was young I imagined the dandelion seedlings being fairies blowing away to help spread cheer to those who needed help on their journey. 
Okay I will admit I still imagine this to be true. 
While it may sound corny I consider myself one of those dandelion “fairies” and I am here hoping for a chance to help you along your journey.
I want to help every one of my clients to be the strongest, most empowered person they can be! 
I am here to assist you on every journey and help you with each step.
You never have to feel alone on your path.


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