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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Same Question / Different Answers: Why do you get different outcomes from different readers when you are asking the same question?

So you have been to a few psychics and each of them have given you different answers with different predictions and outcomes. 
Why is that? 
Why can’t you get a reading you KNOW you can depend on?
There are many reasons why and how this can happen and so in this article we are going to explore some of the main reasons. 
First of all you have to be selective on which psychic you are choosing and be sure that you understand the term “psychic” is a general statement that covers a variety of spiritual abilities and gifts. Actually many spiritual advisors do not even like using the term “psychic”.
We have intuitive, empaths, clairvoyants, remote viewers, tarot readers, just to name a very few of the many different types of spiritual guidance you could seek. Be sure you do a little research before you select the reader for you. Ask questions of the advisor you think you may want a reading with if you are not sure. A good advisor will have no problem explaining their gifts and how they work. 
If you are on a site that has many advisors offered such as liveperson.com then be sure that you read the profile of the advisor you are considering. Each of us on that site have a photo and next to it a short “blurb” that tells only a small bit of what we have to offer but this short note is more of a means to advertise our services, not the whole story! You will get much more detail on the advisor, their abilities, how they conduct a session etc if you click on their name and open their actual profile. From there you can see what other areas they specialize in, and each profile may be completely different going into more detail on that specific type of reading! 
Some of the questions you seek answers to may only need an empathic read but others may require a remote view, while others may benefit more from an astrology reading! If you are seeking answers in past life connections then you want an advisor, like myself who specializes in past lives and soul mate relationships. 
Being sure you are asking the right TYPE of advisor the right questions is really important! 
Some experts are amazing at their abilities but only specialize in one or two areas where other experts who have been doing their services professional for longer may have had more time and experience to specialize in more areas. 
So knowing what you want to ask and who to ask is step one. 
Ask the prospective advisor questions if you are not sure they are the right expert for you.
Do not play coy, being a spiritual advisor does not make all of us “mind readers” while some of us are. If you are up front about the questions you have in mind a good advisor would rather refer you to a person who can help you rather than waste both of your time beating around the bush. 
Another area you have to consider if you are getting mixed signals is if you are getting too many readings or if you are consulting too many different advisors! Energy is just that ENERGY and energy can become weak, drained, tired, etc and if you have had too many readings from too many advisors in a period of time that energy may not be able to send off the right signals FOR the expert to extract! This also depends on the type of advisor you are working with but in some cases after too many readings the energy is just not fresh or strong enough to give correct and predictable information.
I have said in other posts and still affirm to this day - find two experts you really like and stick with them. You want someone who is accurate but personality says a lot too. Not everyone matches up with each other. Find an expert you really enjoy talking to, who empowers, enlightens and teaches you along your path if that is what you are looking for. If you want someone more direct and to the point who will give you the answers and not try to guide you as much then find two experts like this! 
What I do NOT advise is “psychic hopping” that is the worst thing to do to the energy you want read on even if it is your own and is not easy on your pocketbook! 
As the old saying goes “too many cooks in the kitchen can spoil the stew!”
Besides, if you have found yourself a reader you get on well with, enjoy speaking to and has been accurate for you there is really no need to seek out others. Stick to what has worked before.
Here I would like to stick in a side note: Not all spiritual advisors give timelines and predictions. This does not make them less of an advisor it just is not an area they specialize in nor should they have to. Some advisors are very accurate at telling you how a person feels, their intentions and if they will follow through, some experts are better at showing your options and paths before you and will help guide you to the right one. Predictions and timelines is an area of speciality so do not place that expectation on an expert who does not offer it. 
Another reason that your predictions may not be the same from advisor to advisor could be due to the energy of the person being read on or even your own. It is never advisable to get readings when you are “under the influence” this can also include prescription medication! Alcohol is a bad thing to have been using before a reading. If you are overly stressed, or the person you are asking about is can discolor a reading. Now of course you do not have control over the moods of anyone but yourself but be sure at least you are in a clam and as relaxed of place as you can be before getting a reading. It is also not a bad idea to schedule to have your readings done - when going to more than one expert - around the same time in the same day - this way the energy sent out is in the same place - or frame of mind. 
Also bear in mind that energy shifts and changes frequently this is another reason it is a poor idea to get too many readings in a short period of time. Energy - people - need time to think, process, feel, adjust and make decisions. If you get a reading on the same person or situation every day in a weeks time you WILL get different answers! The reason is if you are making a choice you are going to fluctuate on your thoughts and feelings for a while before that choice is made. When getting readings you are looking for the end result or long term outcome most likely. Such as - will I get the job? Will he call me? Will I hear from my ex? Will I pass my exam? Etc and so on. If you ask this same question every day for a week you are not letting anything HAPPEN you are trying to double check because you are fearful, worried, or anxious. Let the process happen. You will get many different outcomes based on the energy at the given time if you keep pressing the energy and do not allow for manifestation of the overall outcome. 
Sometimes we seek readings over and over to get the answers we WANT and not the answers we need and if we keep pressing, trying different readers at different times of day while we are in different moods or the person we want a read on is in a better mood we very well may eventually hit on the answers we WANT but that does not make it correct or the answer need! This is another reason using only one or two trusted experts who has had success for you in the past is a great idea! An expert develops their own connection to you and other energies around you over time and can more easily and accurately make predictions on that energy!  Working with an advisor is a RELATIONSHIP like any other - you get more comfortable speaking with them, they get more in tune with your energy and that of those in your life and they become more able to give you very accurate outcomes, predictions and timelines due to that connection. When you hop around from expert to expert you are not really allowing for anything to grow between you and one advisor, you are testing the waters and tempting fate in hopes of someone who will either tell you what you want to hear or who does see what you want to hear but it is only a momentary thing, due to that special someone you have asked about being in the right mood at the right time! 
Here is the method to getting accurate readings:
  1. Find one or two advisors you enjoy talking to.
  2. Get your reading.
  3. Give it time.
  4. See how the outcome is, are they accurate? Did predictions come to pass?
  5. If so go back to them! 
  6. Get no more than two readings per week and this is for those of you who enjoy getting readings and can afford to get them often. More than two reads a week is not a good thing to do for so many reasons it would require a whole new article! Two reads per week allows you to use your two trusted experts every week and if you wish you can use one of them and maybe try a new one once a month because I do realize variety is the spice of life and it is fun to try someone new now and then and I know you will do it so at least do it in moderation! 
  7. Be as relaxed as possible when having your readings done. Do not come into a session if you have been drinking or using drugs, sensitives and empaths can pick up on this and it can harm them and the reading! 
  8. Be open and ready to hear the messages even if you do not like what you hear. Know that most advisors have your back and want the best for you and not to end up with you hurting later because you were not prepaid for a negative outcome! 
  9. Be able to take guidance and follow their advice. Some experts are fine giving yes and no answers but honestly things are not that black and white and there is more often than not something YOU must do for the outcome you desire which leads me to another reason why outcomes can vary from expert to expert.
Some advisors do not feel you personally WILL do what is necessary for a positive outcome. They can see that your relationship issues COULD work out but because you are not willing to change, or you are not open to hearing anything more than a quick yes or no they can’t help you and know that your lack of listening, following advice will lead you toward a path that is not positive. Some times advisors when they pick this up on an energy will either not want to read for you or they will just give you the negative outcome while others will try to take time to tell you the options, what you CAN do for the positive outcome IF you adhere to the advice they have for you. On the other hand some readers can just simply be lazy and not want to have to advise you! Yes it is an unfortunate truth, and as I have said before, just because a person has spiritual gifts does not make them spiritually inclined, ethical or moral! Some advisors are so afraid to tell you the truth they will sugar coat everything putting as positive of spin on your read as they can so they do not “hurt” you however we all know that this hurts more in the long run! 
Sometimes the vibe YOU send off is the key and other times it is due to choosing the wrong expert. Its hard to know going into it but as long as you are honest, open and are not playing “test the psychic” by being coy, dismissive, or forcing them to jump through hoops to help you you should get a very accurate and pleasant read! 
And last but not least 

10.  BE ACCOUNTABLE! If you are not willing to really WORK on your path then to be quite blunt there is absolutely no point in getting a spiritual reading! Sure I have had my share of clients who are bored on a Saturday night just wanting to see what this psychic stuff is all about but if you are truly getting readings often to solve an issue in your life than you need to be resolved to being open toward working on SELF! Change of habits, patterns, being able to follow guidance and make efforts is key. asking if you will get a new job anytime soon is great as long as you are actually APPLYING for jobs! Here is an example of where outcomes from readers can vary:
Reader A: Sees a job offer coming for you and says YES you will have a new job in the new year. 
Reader B: Sees a potential job offer but does not see you actually following through on applying for it. This reader is looking deeper into the situation, taking more of their time to assess your actions and tells you NO I am sorry there is not going to be an offer for you. Was the job there? Yup but you can’t get it if you sit passive and wait for it to come! 
You see Reader B was doing their job! They didn’t just look at the job opportunity but took a look deeper at what surrounds this path! 
I tell my clients all the time that it is one thing to look at what may be and a different thing to look at follow through. In doing love readings for example clients often ask - what does he think and feel about me? Will we be together? But they fail to ask if they will be HAPPY together! Does this person have what it takes to follow through and make it long term? 
Reader A may say Absolutely you will get back together 
while Reader B will look deeper and say Im sorry you will have a reconnection but I do not see it working out and this is why ... 
Lesson to be learned - the quick and easy session that gives direct answers is not necessarily the best session with an advisor! if life where that easy you would not be looking for guidance to begin with would you? 
There are shades of grey in everything, free will, compilations, road blocks and it is your advisors job to get you through them with hope but also with dignity and preparation! Honesty is key NOT fluffy clouds! Also quick may save you money but it wont save you heart break nor will it help you plan your life! 
Save your money and get fewer readings by experts you can trust but do not always think the most expensive experts are the most accurate! I am by far the least expensive on Liveperson but I am also not the most expensive either. Just think about quality and not pricing as even a high priced expert can give you an excellent reading sometimes in less time than a lower priced one and sometimes the lower priced one is just as accurate as your higher priced ones! Take time to pick and choose! 
Just remember there are a lot of things that go into a reading and its not always cut and dry and so you will get mixed answers if you are over doing it! If you are not clear in your own energy or if you are reading on someone who is using drugs, alcohol or unstable on prescription medications. If you have had too many readings in a short period of time, or if you are psychic hopping etc and so on. Of course you want to find an accurate expert and of course you have your fakes out there! Of course you have some who have the gift but do not use it properly and you always will have the ones who have no gifts whatsoever! 
It is unfortunately your job to weed out the good from the bad apples but hopefully this article has given you some idea of where to begin. 
Do not be afraid to email an expert and ask questions “interview” them but please email them do not jump into their live chat box because this is their livelihood and that box needs to be open for paid readings. 
Read their reviews! 
Do not believe claims of 100% accuracy!
And read their entire profile! 
An expert who does not take pride and time in making a complete profile obviously does not really care.
If you follow these guidelines to start you will find your readings are far more accurate and helpful! 


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