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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Top Ten Dating Advice

Top Ten Dating Advice

1. Don’t hold the new person in your life up to any comparison of a past love, especially one you are not yet fully over.

2. Use the three-date rule: Give a new person in your life three dates before you make a decision to stop seeing them. It takes at least three dates for people to be really comfortable with themselves around you and show who they truly are, be that a good thing or a bad thing!

3. Do something active, dinner and a movie is nice but you cannot have conversation during a movie and you do not really get to know them well.

4. Ask them questions about themselves that will tell you if they are compatible. Also tell stories about your life. If you enjoy skiing then tell them about your latest skiing adventure. Even if they are not an avid skier you can find out if they have an interest by how they react to your story!

5. Find out about their social life and see if it matches your own. Are they active or do they like to stay at home more often? Do they have friends of the opposite sex and is it okay with you if they do?

6. Ask about their family life, if they have siblings; are they close to their family? Then compare to your own, you need not match perfectly but remember if you become serious with this person their family can later become your own.

7. Notice the small things. We often over look the things that could later annoy us. Just keep in mind the three-date rule!

8. Do not expect the WOW factor right off the bat, sometimes chemistry can sneak up on you!

9. Don’t discuss your issues until you have been on several dates. Let a person decide if they like you enough to want to delve into that first. No one wants to hear about your ex for hours on a first or second date!

10. Don’t wait around for that call for more than a couple weeks! If someone likes you enough to want to go out again they will contact in a reasonable amount of time! Remember you can take initiative too, after a couple days if you want to call them and ask them out that is fine! If they are not excited to hear from you and wanting to schedule that next date, its best to move on!



  1. Nice tips, I'll make sure I'll add some that I don't know yet in my mind when Alissa is ready to go out with me

  2. :) Hi Yonas love yes definitely add your own as well! xoxo


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