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Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year New Focus! Capricorn and Career

As you all may know … last year our horoscope focus was on the Sun Sign in Love.
This year for 2010 we are going to focus on Sun Sign and Career!
So here is our first post!

Capricorn and Career
CapricornCapricorn need to be in positions of power and authority even if in a secretarial position the Capricorn needs to feel depended on and that they have a lot of responsibility! They are very hard workers and do not like to be in positions for long that do not carry a heavy weight. Not that the Capricorn can not work in a field where they do not contribute to the big picture – they just won’t be happy in it for long.

The Capricorn is always striving to find their way to the top just as the Goat likes to climb to the top of the mountain; the Capricorn needs to feel they are working toward something bigger and better!

Capricorn can overcome obstacles with ease when they enjoy what they are doing so if you are a Capricorn and struggling to get to a higher position in your career path it very well may be you are not in the right career for your sign! You may simply not enjoy your work. Capricorn need to be in a career field they can dig their heels into in order to want to overcome any barriers to their higher advancement!

Capricorns who are secretaries for example may find themselves best suited to being a legal secretary to a high power attorney while working to be a lawyer themselves on the side.

The one fault in career for Capricorn is being too much work and no play! Capricorn actually can struggle to find healthy outlets for them-selves and can become workaholics and struggle in relationships due to this!

Some positive career choices for Capricorn are (but not limited to):

Store Managers
Financial Planner
Police Office
Fireman or woman
Environmental Worker
Public Relations Manager
Hotel or Travel Industry
Advertising Agent
Charity Work

The list is immense but think of a career in which there is ability for growth and also where you will be helping others and have the ability for acknowledgement! A career in which you can help others but also truly shine yourself is your best path!


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