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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

10 Most Popular Romantic Gifts

The most popular romantic gifts are not always the best ones! Flowers jewelry are wonderful to give and receive but thinking outside the box can get you much more of a wow factor! Here are some ideas that are not gender specific and will really wow your love!

Romance1. Slave for a Day – Do everything for your love. Do not allow them to lift a finger! Draw them a nice warm bubble bath, get them their favorite snacks, have the television tuned or their favorite station or rent their favorite movies! Put a pillow under their feet as they put them up on the coffee table and just be right there for any small thing they may want need or desire!

2. Shower the home with rose petals – trust me the men like this too because they know WHY there are petals all over the bed! Drop petals leading from the front door all the way through the home leading right to the bedroom! Once they get to the bedroom have your favorite music playing, the lights down low, candles, and the best sheets and blankets on the bed! Pay attention to details and have anything your love may need right there including their favorite drink!

3. Make a mixed CD – yes it is 80’s and a bit cliché but its fun and your loved one will enjoy hearing what songs you have selected for them! Include with it a list of every song and why you picked that song for this CD! Have fun it need not all be sappy and romantic! Some funny songs are enjoyable too if there is a reason for them! Tell them what makes that song make you think of them!

4. A photo album! Start with a photo of each of you as a child and then some of when you first began to date, up to the moment you are in now. Have the camera ready and snap a shot of that very moment so you can add it to the album!

5. A love note or poem. An obvious choice and maybe you cannot write at all but that’s okay! Its part of the gift when your lover knows you were nervous to do something like this but did it anyway just for them!

6. Join them in a hobby they like. Ladies if you hate sports but know your man loves them then show them you want to be a part of their fun and take them to an event! Men if you hate the opera and your mate knows it there is no better way to woo them. Anything that shows you are willing to do something they love just for them is key!

7. Do something they KNOW you had to work at! If you have no rhythm but they would love to dance with you then take a few lessons and go out dancing. If you cannot cook learn to make just ONE dish and cook for them. Do something they never thought you would want to do and show them you did this just for them!

8. Wash their car inside and out! Put special air fresheners in it, reorganize their glove box, and put in some special snacks, a new CD and any little touches you can think of!

9. Make a gift box. Their favorite snacks, magazines, sudoku or crossword books, be that candles, lip balms, hand creams, body lotions, energy drinks, anything you know they love – this will show them you pay attention!

10. The Gift of YOU! Wrap a huge bow around yourself and wear their favorite outfit or nothing at all when you meet them at the door at the end of the day! It is so simple but its romantic and fun! They may laugh but laughter keeps love alive!


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