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Thursday, January 28, 2010

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Energy Vampires

Energy Vampires

Raise your hand if you know one! 
Now Raise your hand again because you ARE one! 

We are all energy and we need to thrive and feed off of the energy of others and we also give back with our own energy.

We have the Law of Polarity and for every action there is an opposite reaction.
The Law of Polarity: Every vibration has an opposite vibration. We can change one situation by connecting to the opposing pole and transforming the current energy.

Energy is the same with the people you like to be around and those few people you cannot stand to be around. Perhaps you do not dislike a person but find every time you have been around them you feel drained, depleted, exhausted and really they were not all that negative, or maybe they were, or maybe they were very chipper! 
Regardless of their personality or persona every one runs at their own frequency.
Our frequencies can change and adapt but we all have one steady flowing frequency at our base levels and to some it sucks the energy out of them.
The person that is an energy vampire for you may be an energy refuel for another.
Sometimes we are attracted to the very person who drains us of our energy.
Why is that?
That is because we at times need to completely drain our power in order to restore power.
Sometimes like a battery in some cases we must use every ounce we have in us before we can go and recharge. 

I differ highly in my opinion of what an energy vampire is compared to others writings on the matter. Energy vampires are not always drama queens or people who only think of themselves or who are intruders into your life. At times the very people we love and respect the most can zap us of our core strength. They are well-intentioned fun outgoing lovely people who just have no idea they run on a much different frequency than we do.

And that is what it comes down to – we all run on our own frequency or current of energy. We need to be around people who match our currents but we also need the opposing energy at times as well to maintain a healthy balance in our systems.

We can not stay away from every one who does not run on our frequency or we could not hold jobs, have families, join activities involving others, etc and so on.

I also do not agree with the idea that energy vampires have to have suffered some traumatic experience and feel the NEED to drain others of their positive energy.
We all have had some form of dramatic or traumatic experience in our lives and very few of us have lived charmed hapless lives.

Really what it comes down to is simple mechanics. We all have a flow of energy that feels comfortable for us – well we hope to anyway – there are cases where a person can be their own energy vampire but that is a whole different article. However we find our flow and we are comfortable with it and then along comes someone in our lives who runs on a different energy wave be that more calm than us or more hyper than us – energy can run high or low but both can be equally depleting! 
A depressed friend can drain us just as much as the over active and busy body mother in law! It is just not our own personal flow that makes us feel warm fuzzies! 

Sometimes when someone depletes us it makes us feel anxious or nervous and we need to get back to center. Depletion is not always an exhausting experience but sometimes one that gets our hearts racing and our nerves rattled so do not think all “energy vampires” cause us to fall down on the bed just wanting to sleep some of these people really charge us up to a level we are not at ease with as well! 

But these relationships can work well and be healthy as long as we know how to handle them and how to recharge our own energy and recognize when we are being depleted and how to restore ourselves! 

I propose the following suggestions to refuel your energy after being around someone who drains you or makes you feel anxious.

1. Take a shower. I prefer really hot ones but it does not help my dry skin one bit lol regardless a shower can cleanse the adverse energy (notice I do not say negative energy but adverse!) from your body and mind. Take time in the shower to relax and do deep cleansing breaths.
2. Go or a walk or exercise. There is nothing better to rejuvenate yourself than to do the body well. The mind body connection is strong and when you feel low the best thing to do is get your adrenaline either pumped back up or let it run its course out of your system depending on the type of depletion you are experiencing.
3. Listen to music. Music is the real chicken soup for the soul and can bring a clam to you when needed or pump your spirit back up when needed! 
4. Work on a hobby! Do something that is about YOU for a while. Something you enjoy be that working on model airplanes (if people still do that), playing guitar hero, baking, bowling it really does not matter, whatever makes you feel happy go and do it.
5. Meditation – of course this is an obvious choice! 
6. This one has to be done carefully because you do not want to go and zap someone just to refuel yourself but talking to people who ground and center you is key as long as you know you are not an energy vampire to them! This brings me to another topic:

How do you know who YOU are zapping?
You can always come right out and ask them! 
Tell them you read this article and just wanted to know in all honesty if you make others feel this way too. Tell them they can be honest because you understand that it is not anyone’s fault when they drain people it just happens because our energies are on different wavelengths and there is no one right way to BE. 
For that matter you should start a journal! You should write down how you feel after being around the people in your life.
Don’t feel guilty for making note that your own child seems to drain you after only speaking with him or her for a few minutes lol its OKAY because we are not all on the same frequency and it is just natural but in learning who makes us feel what ways we can work to strengthen our selves to accepting their energy and knowing how to work with their energy instead of against it! 
Note how you feel after a day of work and note who you were around most that day.
Note how you feel when going to visit family.
When your kids come home from school.
When they bring certain friends over.
Even note how your mate makes you feel! 
Then once you have a good pattern going that is distinct and recognizable you can begin to manage your own energy around theirs and every one benefits! 
Knowledge is power and knowing is half the battle! 
Once you establish who drains you and depletes you then you can determine in what ways they do so. 
Is it merely being around them or is it when you have certain discussions with them?
Is it making you anxious and nervous and high-strung or is it making you weak, tired and lethargic?
When you know HOW they make you feel and WHEN they make you feel such ways you can use items off of the list to counteract these feelings.

So to continue my list here:

7. Write down or journal your experiences. For many of us understanding helps us overcome the barriers created by these experiences. By journaling you are doing something proactive toward your own understanding and thus healing.
8. Talk to the person who is draining you – sit down with them and try to ease them toward your own frequency. See often times the person who is zapping us not only is obviously unaware but can be tuned into YOUR frequency! It is not impossible to do but takes a lot of fortitude. Naturally they have a dominant energy to your own although saying dominant implies they are a stronger person that simply is not the case they just have a frequency that is not jiving with your own but then why are they not equally affected? Perhaps they are and simply do not tune into it as much as you do or perhaps you do not see the effects on them because they do not hit them until later when no longer in your presence! Take time to explain how energy frequency works to them and perhaps the two of you can meet somewhere in the middle because energy frequency can indeed be worked with and manipulated to our needs if we take the time to work one on one with the person who we do not jive with! This is very important when you live with people who zap you or who you are zapping! Simply by discussing how your energy works on them and vice versa you can find ways in which to tone down high strung energy or to amp up energy that is too draining. 

More often than not in relationships where two people dearly love one another but cant seem to find that happy middle ground, have frequent arguments over silly things, or just cant seem to find a peaceful way to make compromise we find that they have opposing energy frequencies! 

9. Go for a drive. As long as you are not erratic in your energy and it is safe to go for a drive it can be very refreshing and even getting back to nature if you decide to venture off the beaten path! I love to blast my radio when I am the only one in the car, play my music I prefer which I rarely do since I let my kids take over the music usually lol and just go ANYWHERE. We have a lot of country roads where I live and I love to drive past the sunflower fields, see all the cows and horse pastures and just breathe the fresh country air! Maybe you do not have that in your area but there is something freeing about crusing down the highway too. 
10. Get a reiki healing, energy cleansing, or chakra balancing. Sometimes the build up we experience of opposing energy can get a bit too much and we need to cleanse the system. 

Hopefully this provides a clearer and I am sure different perspective on “energy vampires” and hopefully we can put a more positive name on those who just do not match our own energy well. I prefer to refer to them and myself as Polar Opposites.


Friday, January 22, 2010

More on the Art of Being Alone

I wanted to follow up on a great article written my Ms. Lisa M (her article can be found here Art of Being Alone   on her blog.)

We are immersed in socialization from the beginning of our lives. Day cares, play groups, Sunday school, family gatherings, primary school, etc. As we get older some of us go right into the work force, some off to college, where we have roommates, date, and some of us marry. However few of us really truly learn to enjoy our own company and feel empowered in our own presence.

All too often we are over immersed in others needs and feelings we take very little time for our own. Even if we are by nature very self focused beings we do not learn to put the proper focus in the proper areas of our lives for health individualism!

I recall the first time I was ever truly alone. I was twenty-four years of age with two toddlers. My now, ex-husband had yet again run off and it was for me the last time.
I decided that I needed to reinvent my life and focus. Of course my children were a huge reason to get my life in order but I knew I would be of little support and guidance for them in their lives if I did not live a strong empowered life for myself. I was their only real role model and I was determined not let them follow my former path of poor choices!

While I do recall the fear of going it alone, I also recall the joy and in retrospect the joy far outweighs the fears! I remember my studio apartment, basically one large room with the kitchen a separate but open room, hen a tiny bathroom. It was not large but it was MINE! It was a three-floor walk up and had no air-conditioning and became very hot in the summer. I remember that buying a fan to help blow the hot stagnant air around was a luxury. I remember I had very few belongings but the things I had were very precious to me and it was such a joy to make my own choices on where to put my things. No one else to tell me where I should hang a picture or how it should be hung. No one else to confer with regarding which bills to pay first and which to let slide until I had more money coming in. Yes they were scary times but the lessons I learned were far greater than what I have already mentioned.

What I truly learned was how to keep myself busy, to find myself, to listen to my own voice and to find my true path. What I discovered was that I really did like myself. All too often we go through our lives making choices because we do not feel we deserve better, or that perhaps there will be a better option if we put off making choices now. We fail to see that forward movement is so much better than stagnation and that we will not mess up our destiny or be punished by karma or destiny for making mistakes. Life is about choices, making mistakes and learning from them but when we stand still or allow for fear to block our path we get nothing back because nothing is what we put out.

I learned that I could indeed be happy on my own because I began to do things! I began to write, I read more, I studied even though I could not afford to go back to college or do online courses, I still studied! I played more with my toddlers and enjoyed my time with them more I found my playful nature again because I did not have the drama of my pervious life blocking that side of me.

Indeed there were times that sadness set in, I felt alone in the world, and I longed for someone to be with or talk to, but the desire to be with a person who did not appreciate me or treat me with respect was long gone. I had taken the time to reflect on my past and become determined for a better future and I was in no rush to find someone to take the place of the one I had let go.

I was happy to have all the time in the world I needed to take stock of who I was. To define who I was and to determine who I wanted to be. I realized some of my own personal faults and could more clearly see how others perceived me. I realized my own imperfections but not from the point of view of someone who only wished to tear me down in order to keep me with them, but from my own perspective and I was able to be fair with myself not making light of things I needed to work on but yet not bashing myself for being imperfect as all humans are!

I recalled something someone once told me when I got bored or felt too alone.
”There are no boring places, just boring people, and if you are too bored to be with yourself then why would others want to be with you?”
That always had stuck with me. I had to realize that what I bring to the table in any relationship be it romantic or just with a friend, I had to get that from within myself.
I had to know how to communicate, and how to converse, and how to listen, yet so little time in my life had been focused on these things. I had always been so overwhelmed with activity and others filling the voids in my life that I never really got to know ME!

Now people may say that if you talk to yourself you are crazy, but have you ever had a conversation with yourself? Did you find yourself interesting? Did you have anything to say that sounded intelligent? Did you find yourself stuck for words? Did you have anything meaningful to say? Positive? Reflective? Anything that would make the other person in a conversation have anything to say in response other than a simple smile and nod because they had no clue WHAT to say in retort?

I found that I had a lot of skills to develop and instead of being bored or lonely or on the pity pot I made a plan of action to become the best me possible!
I joined a book club, a writers group, a parenting group, I volunteered, and I made a lot of new friends! I found my life opening up in a way I never imagined and before I knew it I had no feelings of being lonely or alone or bored again!

I found I was attracting a much better kind of people into my life, those more suited to what I needed and had to offer back. I found I was learning from these people, I was respected by them and I had respect for them in return.

My greatest lesson in all of this was I realized that this person that I had become had always been there! She was someone I had lost several years back! She was the me I had been and forgot about as I was so busy allowing myself to become diminished by another person who I thought I loved!

We are never really beyond reach, our true selves are always inside of us and usually they are scraping and crawling to get out and BE the us we represent to the world!

Things change us, people changes us, relationships change us, and we have a responsibility to ourselves to do a self check now and then and ask ourselves “Is this the person you really are? Is this who you want to be?” If the answer is NO then get back on track! Don’t allow for other people or situations to drag you down and even though it can and does happen if you are doing a self-check regularly you will find it much easier to stay on track and not lose the you that you desire to be!

The main question I ask myself when doing my self-check is “would anyone really want to be around me? If I do not like who I am right now who else will?” The fact of the matter is the responsibility NOT to feel alone lies upon not feeling lonely for the person you should be! When you are feeling down and alone it may be more often than not it is your self you are missing!

Please see the following Book Recommendations


Friday, January 15, 2010

Stark Artistic Lines Between What Was and What Will be Define Us...

Who said you have to color within the lines?
As children at some point someone always tells us to color between the lines.
It may be a parent or a teacher but we must forgive them as they do have good intentions.
The problem with coloring between the lines it is gives us the message that if we do not conform, do not do as expected of us or do not follow one path or one direction, then something must be wrong with us.

This is SO not true!

Our reality is what we make of it and how we perceive it!

This year make a promise to yourself to color as you wish, in the lines, outside the lines or all over the page! Whatever your heart desires!

Granted we need to be sure we are not hurting others with our carelessness but when painting your life canvas, remember you are in control!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

10 Most Popular Romantic Gifts

The most popular romantic gifts are not always the best ones! Flowers jewelry are wonderful to give and receive but thinking outside the box can get you much more of a wow factor! Here are some ideas that are not gender specific and will really wow your love!

Romance1. Slave for a Day – Do everything for your love. Do not allow them to lift a finger! Draw them a nice warm bubble bath, get them their favorite snacks, have the television tuned or their favorite station or rent their favorite movies! Put a pillow under their feet as they put them up on the coffee table and just be right there for any small thing they may want need or desire!

2. Shower the home with rose petals – trust me the men like this too because they know WHY there are petals all over the bed! Drop petals leading from the front door all the way through the home leading right to the bedroom! Once they get to the bedroom have your favorite music playing, the lights down low, candles, and the best sheets and blankets on the bed! Pay attention to details and have anything your love may need right there including their favorite drink!

3. Make a mixed CD – yes it is 80’s and a bit cliché but its fun and your loved one will enjoy hearing what songs you have selected for them! Include with it a list of every song and why you picked that song for this CD! Have fun it need not all be sappy and romantic! Some funny songs are enjoyable too if there is a reason for them! Tell them what makes that song make you think of them!

4. A photo album! Start with a photo of each of you as a child and then some of when you first began to date, up to the moment you are in now. Have the camera ready and snap a shot of that very moment so you can add it to the album!

5. A love note or poem. An obvious choice and maybe you cannot write at all but that’s okay! Its part of the gift when your lover knows you were nervous to do something like this but did it anyway just for them!

6. Join them in a hobby they like. Ladies if you hate sports but know your man loves them then show them you want to be a part of their fun and take them to an event! Men if you hate the opera and your mate knows it there is no better way to woo them. Anything that shows you are willing to do something they love just for them is key!

7. Do something they KNOW you had to work at! If you have no rhythm but they would love to dance with you then take a few lessons and go out dancing. If you cannot cook learn to make just ONE dish and cook for them. Do something they never thought you would want to do and show them you did this just for them!

8. Wash their car inside and out! Put special air fresheners in it, reorganize their glove box, and put in some special snacks, a new CD and any little touches you can think of!

9. Make a gift box. Their favorite snacks, magazines, sudoku or crossword books, be that candles, lip balms, hand creams, body lotions, energy drinks, anything you know they love – this will show them you pay attention!

10. The Gift of YOU! Wrap a huge bow around yourself and wear their favorite outfit or nothing at all when you meet them at the door at the end of the day! It is so simple but its romantic and fun! They may laugh but laughter keeps love alive!


5 Most Important Compatibility Questions

While I feel it is very important to know what your potential mate feels about certain things, such as, family, career, money, faith and children there are some other things we may often overlook that are at the core of what makes two people click. The above topics have a huge value and should be discussed before going toward a commitment but how do you know if you are even compatible before getting to the point of discussing those things?

Here is a simple list of what I have found to be the most frequent issues for couples when doing readings:

1. Amount of time each person wants to spend together and apart. We all have our need for space, but some of us need this a lot more than others! Some people feel abandoned if not given enough personal time with their loved one. Talk about how much time your mate wants to spend together and apart.

2. Friends – often it is our friends or the friends of our mate that come between us. We need to know where we stand. Do their friends come first or do we? No one wants to feel they are at the bottom of their loved ones list. Talk about their friends, and yours, and if there is someone very special to each of you that you would drop everything for at a moments notice, let your loved one know and ask them to do the same.

3. Convenience – Whether you are in a long distance relationship or not travel and time to go see the other person often comes up! Discuss with your mate how often you wish for them to take the time to come to see you and how often you will go to see them. Do not let distance no matter how insignificant become an issue. It may not be travel but work could be the problem as to why one of you needs them to be more prepared to meet with you at your convenience.

4. When will he or she call? This is a huge question that comes up time and again in readings. If communication is not good then there is little else you can do but wonder and that is never fun. Establish with your mate how often you wish to hear from them and how often they want to talk to you. Again looking at #1 above this is a personal space issue but it is a separate problem because even if you can not personally be with them there is the desire to talk to them on the phone, text, email etc. Some people just do not like to text, some are not good at replying to email. Discuss this honestly with your mate to be sure you are on the same wavelength or at least understand where they are coming from.

5. Are they seeing someone else? No matter how afraid you may be that they are with someone else – remember if there is no commitment of being a couple then you both have a right to do so. Until you discuss this with them then you have no foundation to base your fears on. A lot of people worry they are going to push someone away or loose their mate by asking this question but the fact is knowing is better than finding out the hard way! Just ask them if they are dating others and if that is not okay with you let them know you would like to be the only one. If they do not wish the same then you are better off knowing.


Top Ten Dating Advice

Top Ten Dating Advice

1. Don’t hold the new person in your life up to any comparison of a past love, especially one you are not yet fully over.

2. Use the three-date rule: Give a new person in your life three dates before you make a decision to stop seeing them. It takes at least three dates for people to be really comfortable with themselves around you and show who they truly are, be that a good thing or a bad thing!

3. Do something active, dinner and a movie is nice but you cannot have conversation during a movie and you do not really get to know them well.

4. Ask them questions about themselves that will tell you if they are compatible. Also tell stories about your life. If you enjoy skiing then tell them about your latest skiing adventure. Even if they are not an avid skier you can find out if they have an interest by how they react to your story!

5. Find out about their social life and see if it matches your own. Are they active or do they like to stay at home more often? Do they have friends of the opposite sex and is it okay with you if they do?

6. Ask about their family life, if they have siblings; are they close to their family? Then compare to your own, you need not match perfectly but remember if you become serious with this person their family can later become your own.

7. Notice the small things. We often over look the things that could later annoy us. Just keep in mind the three-date rule!

8. Do not expect the WOW factor right off the bat, sometimes chemistry can sneak up on you!

9. Don’t discuss your issues until you have been on several dates. Let a person decide if they like you enough to want to delve into that first. No one wants to hear about your ex for hours on a first or second date!

10. Don’t wait around for that call for more than a couple weeks! If someone likes you enough to want to go out again they will contact in a reasonable amount of time! Remember you can take initiative too, after a couple days if you want to call them and ask them out that is fine! If they are not excited to hear from you and wanting to schedule that next date, its best to move on!


Reading Suggestions for Single People

To compliment my most recent article "Being Single on Valentine's Day" I wanted to suggest a few books!


Being Single on Valentine's Day

Valentines Day is approaching and for those who are single at this time or going through a break up it can be a very lonely time of year.

Red boxes of candy, flowers and teddy bears seem to stalk your every step.

Single on Valentine's Day
You are never more aware of the fact that you are alone.

Instead of being focused on this do something special for yourself because as the saying goes: You first have to love yourself before you can love anybody else!

Try one of these ideas this year for Valentines Day!

1. Treat yourself to a full body massage at a local spa!

2. Have friends over for a romantic comedy movie night with your favorite drinks and snacks!

3. Make a list of your strongest traits and make a list of the traits you want in a loved one and make a resolution to yourself about the kind of partner you want in your life.

4. Indulge in a makeover and a few new items for your wardrobe and go out! There is no need to sit at home alone! Go out feeling confident about your new look.

5. Take time to get closure on past relationships starting at the beginning. Write a short note to your past loves, even that grade school sweetheart that used to poke you in the back during class! You do not have to send them, just do it for yourself you may find patterns in the partners you have chosen and be able to make better choices in the future!

6. If you really do love those heart shaped boxes of candy, teddy bears with tee shirts that say cute little things on them and all that Valentines jazz then by all means buy some for yourself! There is no shame in getting yourself something that says, “I love you”! I love to hit the shops right after the holiday has passed to get the best deals and I get twice as much as my friends who waited for someone to buy it for them! Besides I know I prefer the cream filled chocolates!

7. Make yourself a mixed CD of your favorite songs particularly songs not about love and romance! A good dance mix or fun lively music is best to lift your mood.

8. Join a fruit, book or one of many “of the month clubs”. When you receive your monthly goodies you can have a reminder of where you were at in your life when you purchased it. This is a good way to affirm positive changes in your life when you are no longer single or to remind yourself that no one particular month is dedicated to love and romance but every month, every moment is a moment to appreciate and love yourself!

9. Write a list of the GOOD things about being SINGLE! There are many positives to being on your own from being able to decorate anyway you choose, to being able to go out as late as you want with friends, to not having to worry if you look perfect all the time! Sure some of these things may be a stretch but it does help to showcase the positives no matter how silly they may be! You may give yourself a few good laughs writing the list!

10. Remember it is only ONE day of the year! You are no less important because you do not have a special someone on this one day! As soon as the candy and stuffed bears are removed from the shelves the Easter baskets and colored grass will replace it and Valentines Day will be nothing more than a faded memory! Most all of the hooplah around Valentines Day is nothing more than a marketing ploy to boost sales for the flower markets and candy sales anyway! Laugh about it – laughter is always the best medicine!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

More On Closure

I had written an article on closure and my friend Lisa has picked up from that article and wrote a wonderful follow up of her own!
I think it is a great way to pay tribute to oneself!
I am sure many of my readers will find her blog article helpful and please take time to look over the other articles on her blog as well!

Here is the link to Lisa's article on what to do after closure:

More on Closure

Also the link to the origonal article:

Is Closure Overrated?


Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year New Focus! Capricorn and Career

As you all may know … last year our horoscope focus was on the Sun Sign in Love.
This year for 2010 we are going to focus on Sun Sign and Career!
So here is our first post!

Capricorn and Career
CapricornCapricorn need to be in positions of power and authority even if in a secretarial position the Capricorn needs to feel depended on and that they have a lot of responsibility! They are very hard workers and do not like to be in positions for long that do not carry a heavy weight. Not that the Capricorn can not work in a field where they do not contribute to the big picture – they just won’t be happy in it for long.

The Capricorn is always striving to find their way to the top just as the Goat likes to climb to the top of the mountain; the Capricorn needs to feel they are working toward something bigger and better!

Capricorn can overcome obstacles with ease when they enjoy what they are doing so if you are a Capricorn and struggling to get to a higher position in your career path it very well may be you are not in the right career for your sign! You may simply not enjoy your work. Capricorn need to be in a career field they can dig their heels into in order to want to overcome any barriers to their higher advancement!

Capricorns who are secretaries for example may find themselves best suited to being a legal secretary to a high power attorney while working to be a lawyer themselves on the side.

The one fault in career for Capricorn is being too much work and no play! Capricorn actually can struggle to find healthy outlets for them-selves and can become workaholics and struggle in relationships due to this!

Some positive career choices for Capricorn are (but not limited to):

Store Managers
Financial Planner
Police Office
Fireman or woman
Environmental Worker
Public Relations Manager
Hotel or Travel Industry
Advertising Agent
Charity Work

The list is immense but think of a career in which there is ability for growth and also where you will be helping others and have the ability for acknowledgement! A career in which you can help others but also truly shine yourself is your best path!