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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Resolutions? How about Manifestations!

As we approach a New Year people tend to begin to think of their resolutions.

I find resolutions a good thing but still we allow ourselves far too many “outs’ and more often than not we tend to find ourselves making the same resolutions the next year.

I prefer to do manifestations for the New Year. This allows for us to put out our intent and hand the rest over to the universe. By doing so we are not dis-empowering ourselves as we cant simply “put it out there” and expect everything we manifest to fall into our laps but we do have that extra boost of having the universe on our side if what we manifest is what is truly best for our path!

Manifestations are also usually more world centered than self-centered. A Manifestation can include others were a resolution tends to be things we plan to do for ourselves.

I would love for everyone to add their own New Years manifestations in the comment filed below this post so we can all work together to bring in a great New Year!

Please, leave a comment on what you manifest for 2010!

I will start us off with my top manifestation choice!

I manifest that all of us have a very healthy year in 2010. That we all have mental, emotional and physical health! With good health everything is better from our relationships to work. For 2010 I manifest for all great health and well-being!



  1. My manifestation which came to me a few days ago and is now my signature in email, is:
    Thrive, Not Just Survive, In 2010


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