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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


In light of the recent chat session with OneGoodSoul and a recent development for my daughter, Emma, I have been thinking about Morale.

The messages we allow into our nervous system and to seep into our brains can make or break us. Basically the way in which we allow messages to be received can be so damaging or they can be very empowering!

My daughter has two serious medical conditions. She has always had me to help her focus on healing via mediation and visualization and now I know of Theta healing which is wonderful! However there are many family members and even her doctors who put these messages into her: “ you have a serious disease”, “You are not well”, “you are sick” which all equate to “you are imperfect”. This is not the message I wish for my child!

Reality has it that there ARE medical conditions and we do have to utilize modern medicine, however there are a lot of faults in the way in which communication comes across to us regarding this.

Now for myself, I have had type 1 diabetes for 39 years, I am now 40. Born in 1969 it was rare to even catch it so early on and I was very lucky for this or I would have died.
With that said, I have never subscribed to the idea that this disease would kill me. I have been told since I was a child the effects of type 1 diabetes on a person. I “know” that I “should” be blind by now, or have had a heart attack, or have lost a leg, or ……you get the idea. This has been FED into me all my life, yet I KNEW and perhaps it is because of my psychic abilities, perhaps it is because I knew that it was misinformation, etc but I never would allow that to seep into MY BRAIN!

Now there is a difference between denial and blocking negative energy from our receptors! I am not in denial of my condition, I just will not allow for me to be pre-determined to DIE from this disease or to get any of these so called “side-effects”. And as long as I view them AS “so-called” I am sending the PROPER messages to my brain!

Once we accept defeat we ARE in fact defeated!

Cancer is very hard to cure via chemotherapy and modern medicine but has been cured and left without a trace using biofeedback, theta and other alternative procedures! This is because the process of these alternative procedures are enlightening and empowering whereas modern medicine is so negative and sad. Now I would never say to avoid modern medicine! Without my insulin all these years I would be a gonner lol BUT we have to really think about the messages we allow into our nervous system and correct the mistakes that others will push on us! There is a happy medium!

Yesterday my daughter was told by her doctor that she no longer needs to wear her brace! This was wonderful news that everyone was happy to hear but I look at it as a chance to make a new start! I have emailed my family to let them know that NOW is the time to change how they speak to her and how they address her illnesses. That now is the time for HER to realize she is in fact PERFECT! Even though she has a ways to go in developing muscle tone and stamina just hearing the words “You no longer need your brace” is a message to her nervous system that she is HEALED! Now she will face each day KNOWING she can get through it with ease! And until and unless someone says to her the negative messages “oh sweetie was it hard for you today?” always said with concern mind you but diminishing none the less, “aweee Emma is it hard for you to walk around the school?” again, concern but depleting.

Today is the day to simply begin to treat her as PERFET because she in fact IS perfect! Mind over matter and manifestation is key and yes she will still go do some weight training to build her muscle tone and yes she will still need to take a pain med now and then but I would bet you a billion dollars (if I had it lol) that she will need pain meds much less than before, and she will approach her work outs with so much more vigor than before just based on this new POSITIVE message she has received and it is my goal not to allow anyone to put into her system that this is TOO much for her or TOO hard for her or that she is “sick”.

Morale is what she needs more than anything right now and Moral is what I am training my family to give to her! Its not easy to train people to rethink or relearn what has been engrained into them all their lives however it is a must for us all to realize what we feed into our brains is what will be.

With love,


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