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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Meditation Exercise 2 - Healing Meditation

This meditation is a great healing exercise.

I use this when I feel a cold or flu coming on or anytime I need to calm nerves, or fix bigger ailments I am seeing my doctor for.
My daughter and I also use this for pain control for her rehab from her surgeries.

When I do this exercise I like to use some essential oils in an oil burner. I use clary sage, menthol, eucalyptus, and myrtle.

You can use other combinations but I find these to aid in breathing and they have amazing healing properties.

As always sit or lay comfortably.

Breathing in through your nose and out through your month as best possible, if you have a cold this may be difficult, so do what feels best for you.

Clear your energy of negative thought and emotion and focus only on healing your mind, body and spirit.

Take a cleansing breath even if you are having a hard time breathing properly it is the intent that counts.

As you exhale visualize the virus, illness, etc leaving your body.

Next inhalation, visualize tiny sparkling lights entering your body to fight and kill the infection.

Localize these lights to the areas of your body that are affected by your illness.

Visualize with each inhalation these tiny sparkling lights entering into your bloodstream and eating up any sickness within you.

As you exhale you expel them, they are no longer white sparkling lights but dark shadowy and ashen.

They dissipate into the air into millions of tiny dead particles unable to come back and infect you nor can they infect others.

You can do this exercise as you fall asleep at night as it can also aid in a good nights sleep. If you plan to do this at night time instead of using an oil burner you can use a vaporizer, as it is a bit safer to leave on all night.

Continue to use this visualization meditation regularly as you work to rid your body of illness or pain. The more you use it the more you build up your system to fight infection.

I have used this technique for the last 20 years and I believe it is one of the reasons why I have not had any side effects from my
type 1 diabetes. It is one small part of a process I learned in the 80’s when I was studying bio-feedback at the Menninger Foundation.

Remember in any visualization, manifestation or focus it is important that you have intent. Being in a positive state of mind, staying focused on your goal and believing in the process are key.

With Love,



  1. That's really great Azzrian. I use this kind of a technique too and I also use a trigger word when I am going into meditation. That way I can instantly reproduce the calming effects of the breathing by saying the word to myself when I am in a stressful situation.

  2. Oh I love that idea Kara! Will do that myself! Thank you for that wonderful idea! See thats what is so wonderful about sharing info - we all can learn so much from each other!

  3. I agree totally and it makes things so much easier because then we don't have to do all the thinking ourselves LOL


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