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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Is it Set in Stone?

I asked my followers to direct message me on twitter their suggestions for blog articles. Tweeter katestrong suggested the following: “i want to read on your blog, is if you see something in our future, is it set in stone?”

The short answer is no.

Set in StonePsychic Readings are a guide to the possible outcome based on our current path. When we change our path we change our future.  Free will is stronger or at least has the ability to be stronger than any prediction. When we exercise our free will we have the full capacity to reinvent our future outcomes.

If you get a reading on your career and are told that your job is in jeopardy you need to look at your current path, trends and behaviors. Some readers will be able to give you specific detail on what areas you need to work on to keep your employment, some may not offer such insights. Regardless the message is “if you continue to stay on this path you are now on, you risk losing your job” therefore taking a good hard look at your work ethic, circumstances around your workplace, etc will help you be able to focus more clearly on your career and determine what changes need be made so you can keep your job.

A psychic should never say “you WILL lose your job” the educated and ethical reader will say “if you continue with your current behaviors your job is at risk” from there it is your choice, free will, that will determine your actual outcome. 

Nothing is ever set in stone. If that were the case life would be pretty much pointless as the whole point of living is to be given opportunity to fail and succeed, lean and grow, change and evolve. Every choice we are given leads us on a new journey of discovery. No choice is ever right or wrong for all we discover along every path is what makes us who we are. We are given these wonderful challenges in order to develop not just our current life path but our future life paths as well.

For more information see my older blog post:

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  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I just had my free reading with Azz after offering up a suggestion about what I wanted to read on her blog. Heck I figured just a few sentences would have been enough for a free reading but WOW!!!!!!! And then some. It was like Azz had known me for years and probably knew me better than I know myself lol. Thanks soooooo much Azz, your reading was so inspiring and offered me so much to look at. I feel empowered!!!!! Lotsa love xxx

  2. : ) It was my pleasure Kate! Thank you for your awesome feedback! Huggs

  3. Haha, just had a friend say today that her future is set in stone. Im sending her your link.

  4. Hahah!!! Please DO! And thanks Kate!


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