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Monday, September 14, 2009

Yo-ho Yo-ho a Psychic's Life for Me!

Now that I have all the pirate lovers attention lol I wanted to blog about what it’s really like to be A PSYCHIC (echoing).
Being a psychic comes with a lot of responsibility.
Working as one is even more challenging.
It is one thing to carry around with you that sense of “knowing” and another to put it into daily practice!
When you chose to do psychic work as a career you come across several obstacles.
First you have to accept many people will not see your gift as something you should “charge” for.
In reality I have had many people demonish me for taking payment for my services.
I have to explain to them that I could not help as many people as I do for free. It would be impossible to have a full time job, be a full time mother and all that comes with that and still do readings for people all day long. Once you go public with the fact that you are a seer of any kind people either love you or hate you. Those who love you, including friends, expect you to always be “in tune” and give them unlimited advice and guidance not realizing that this takes time and much energy. Truth is there are simply times I can not get in focus with my guides. Be that due to stress in my own life, illness, other people in my life needing me for personal reasons, my children and family deserving to come first etc and so on. I am not a walking encyclopedia of unlimited spiritual resources. Fact is if I am not in balance and in a good place to give psychic advice my guides shut that part of me down and tell me to work on myself.

I am thankful for that because as a person who does care deeply for other people’s needs I know I would run myself ragged trying to help everyone with little regard for my own needs and health.

Once I chose to do this as my career I was able to help so many people who truly need it and at the same time afford my family a somewhat comfortable life. I am by no means rich and I live pay check to pay check like many people do. I am not living in a mansion lol far from it. However I do take payment for my services because I feel it is right and just.

I have had so many people say a God-Given gift should not be charged for. Oh really? Okay then I suppose all athletes should work for free? I know my daughters surgeon has a God given talent but he charges for this. Actually every thing a person does is a gift from God.
When we look at religion we have to accept that nothing is “free” and tithing is there for a reason.
Now I am over that soap box.

Moving on to the next stage of being a psychic.
Public acceptance.
If it were just myself I would have an airplane skywrite my website up in the air.
However I have my children to consider.
I have to accept that what I do is not the norm.
My daughter has the gift, however she hesitates to totally tap into it.
She is not sure she wants to actively feel what others feel.
She is not sure she wants to learn to control it.
It takes a lot of time and effort and she has seen what it can do from watching me.
There are downsides to being empathic and or psychic.
She asks a lot of questions at times then will go silent about it for spans of time.
I know she is thinking about what her true calling is and if she will ever want to embrace what is inside of her. That is fully her choice. I back her 100% no matter what path she takes.
However my daughter already feels “different” she has two disabilities she has to contend with on a daily basis and I have come to realize that for her opening up to her “gifts” would be like yet another “disability” to her. Another reason to “stand out” form the crowd. Standing out can be a great thing or a downfall. This is for her to decide in time.
My son on the other hand, oh what to say about him, lol, he is a typical teen age boy enjoying his new drivers license, freedoms that come with it and learning to be a young adult. I feel he is very intuitive however very jaded for a young man with a very old soul! He would need to become much more accepting of others however I can certainly see how his current path is leading up to that but he prefers to be agnostic right now and not delve into any from of spirituality whatsoever. Some times he seems embarrassed by his mothers abilities, and other times, when it suits him he embraces it and even brags about it just a little. That totally depends on who he has around us at the time.

Being open about what I do would not be an issue for me if it were just me but having kids changes things.
There have been many times at their school or events they attend I have been asked what I do. It sort of pains me because in denying what I do I feel I am not being true to who I am. In my case what I do IS who I am! I know many people when asked so what do you do immediately go to what they do for a living! When really what we do for a living does not always sum up who we are but I feel my work is the same as who I am, it is my faith, my belief system, how I live my life and I should be proud of that and happy to share it with others! Not to even mention that I probably lose the chance to help new people all the time by not just stating the facts about my “work”. However the moment the question is asked I can see and feel the tension in the shoulders of my kids. My son does his eye roll and my daughter usually looks away. Even though by now they should know I will handle that question with diplomacy I am sure they too understand that I would prefer to be open about it. There are the rare occasions I am totally honest, but only when I can tell the person asking is open to what I do and there are not other ears around! However, more often than not I simply say I am a consultant and work on the Internet. Usually this is a good enough answer because the reality is usually when a person asks that question they are only making small talk. It is right up there with the all important question “so how are you today?” and we all respond usually with “fine thank you, how are you” even if we truly are not fine! Who really wants to hear our woes and how crappy our day was? My answer rarely generates more questions but I do leave with a sense of dishonesty and regret for not being able to really fully be who I am and express what exactly it is I do.

For a psychic, a medium, a channeler of any kind, an empathic, etc. one has to do daily work on their own energy. Grounding and balancing, meditation, manifestation, and more. Separating ones personal energy and getting outside of one self is necessary to give clear and accurate readings for others. One does not just wake up with a clear head about them ready to go straight to work every day. Some days of course are better than others but being a psychic pulls immense amounts of energy from you. It can be hard to enter a grocery store without tons of energy flooding at you from every direction and this is why doing daily focus work is so important. This too takes time. Some days the energy drain is so intense I feel it necessary not to log into work at all because I know I will not be fair to my clients. Other days I feel clear and light and ready to get right into things! It is both a pleasure and a challenge. For me personally I pick up health issues and absorb them. While doing healing work is not my forte as a career path it is something I do naturally and I have to be sure I am not absorbing too much negative health energy as my own health is far from perfect as it is. I tend to absorb illness from those around me, and “take on” what they suffer from. This helps them heal faster and causes me to feel a bit down myself. Luckily I do not draw so much that I get the actual illness itself, but I do get sensations of the illness and this too can keep me from my daily work online.

All in all though I would not want to do anything else in my life path.
I have worked in many different fields and have learned a lot from doing so but this is what I am supposed to do. This is what my life IS and who I AM. I love my work, I love my clients and I love being who I am. I am sure that in my life things will change to the degree I can be more open about what I do in my small town. I am sure my children will come to be more understanding. That is only a matter of growth and time.
Everything that goes into being psychic and being open to my gifts and abilities is well worth it!

Yes I have the education and skills to go out and work a “regular” job with benefits and make much more income but it would not be who I am and I would not be DRIVEN to want to move up the ladder. I enjoy the challenges and benefits of helping others and doing what I do. Life is a journey and for me a spiritual one!



  1. This is extremely well stated, Azzrian! Despite the "public acceptance" issues you and your family may face from time to time, your kids will benefit from your example and your dedication to using your gifts. Every time I "try on" a new career or head down a new path, at least one of my children, while trying to be encouraging, will ask me why I cannot just be myself :)

  2. THank you! LOL thats funny it seems you ARE being yourself! :)
    Keep doing it!


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